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Quotes About Polygamous

The common argument that men are naturally polygamous and women naturally monogamous is as full of holes as Swiss cheese.
— Frans de Waal —

Both Elizabeth [Smart] and Ruby [Jessop] were fourteen when they were kidnapped, raped and "kept captive by polygamous fanatics." The main difference in the girls' respective ordeals ... is that "Elizabeth was brainwashed for nine months," while Ruby had been brainwashed by polygamist fanatics "since birth." Despite the similarity of their plights, Elizabeth's abusers were jailed and charged with sexual assault, aggravated burglary, and aggravated kidnapping, while Ruby ... "was returned to her abusers, no real investigation was done, no charges brought against anyone" involved.

— Jon Krakauer

THE ENGLISHMAN'S VERY SHY (FOX-TROT) (Bloat): The Englishman's very shy, He's none of your Ca-sa-no-va, At bowling the ladies o-ver, A-mericans lead the pack- (Tantivy): -You see, your Englishman tends to lack That recklessness transatlantic, That women find so romantic Though frankly I can't see why . . . (Bloat): The polygamous Yank with his girls galore Gives your Brit-ish rake or carouser fits, (Tantivy): Though he's secretly held in re-ve-rent awe As a sort of e-rot-ic Clausewitz. . . . (Together): If only one could al-ly A-merican bedroom know-how With British good looks, then oh how Those lovelies would swoon and sigh, Though you and I know the Englishman's very shy.

— Thomas Pynchon

It is to be regretted that domestication has seriously deteriorated the moral character of the duck. In a wild state, he is a faithful husband ... but no sooner is he domesticated than he becomes polygamous, and makes nothing of owning ten or a dozen wives at a time.

— Isabella Beeton

How can you respect a religion that forces women into polygamous marriages, mutilates their genitals, forbids them to drive cars and subjects them to the humiliation of 'instant' divorce? In fact, none of these practices are Islamic at all. Anyone wishing to understand Islam must first separate the religion from the cultural norms and style of a society.

— Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

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