Quotes About Playing Games

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Quotes About Playing Games

I watch NFL football on Sundays. I enjoy gaming with friends, meaning role-playing games; I still enjoy going to conventions and traveling.
— George R.R. Martin —

Flashing Lights In My Mind
Going Back to The Time
Playing Games in the Street
Kicking Balls with My Feet
Theres a Numb in my toes
Standing close to the edge
Theres a ball of my clothes at the end of your bed
As I feel myself fall
Make a joke of it all

— One Direction

Playing games with peoples heart and emotions will leave you looking CRAZY in the end.
The moment you realize I MATTER will be the same moment I realize you NO LONGER DO!

— L. Michelle

I think the mainstream gaming industry has a very narrow focus on the young male audience. There are plenty of other people out there who enjoy playing games, but if you walk into most game stores, there's nothing on the shelf for them. I mean, imagine if you could only buy cheeseburgers and nothing but cheeseburgers in every restaurant?

— Jane Jensen

When you listen to G. T. Stoop, you understand the importance of being a honorable person, you get charged to fight for the truth, you get angry that so many politicians are playing games with people's trust.

— Joan Bauer

You really like putting it all on display, don't you? No editing."
"I'm not playing games with you, Sam. I have no intention of hiding what I want; I won't make that mistake again.

— Genna Rulon

I think the reason that I like so many different games is because I like the way my brain works when I'm playing games. It's more fun.

— John Romero

Poker is a charismatic game. People who are larger than life play poker and make their living from playing games and hustling.

— James Altucher

The way I see it, more people are wired with broadband from 9 to 5 during the day than watch TV at night. So therefore isn't the real prime time 9 to 5? Playing games at your desk - that's the new prime time, isn't it?

— Mark Burnett

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