Quotes About Perspective From Books

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Quotes About Perspective From Books

I think of this a lot in the terms of books. Of course theres a big to-do culturally about e-books versus print books, sales models. The paradigm has changed but my perspective on it is that theres not going to be another paradigm to alight on because everything will continue to evolve so quickly that our brains wont be able to keep up with it.
— Ron Currie Jr. —

Jane Austen never did marry. Why doesthat statement call for such reflexive pity? It carries a diferent meaning if we follow it up: Jane Austen never did marry, and therefore she was given the time and perspective to produce books as well-written as those by anyone who ever lived.
-David Whyte

— David Whyte

One of my all-time favorite books is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice-I know, a bit girly, but great is great. I hated the book when I was forced to read it and write a book report at fourteen. I only realized that I loved it-and a lot of literature-when I reread it for fun on a whim when I was twenty-three. The same is true for Huckleberry Finn, A Tale of Two Cities, and Brave New World. Not only was I more mature and had more perspective on life, but I had the time and motivation to appreciate it. I believe that motivation, the culture of a community, and outlets for exploration drive the appreciation of the arts, not grades and credit-unit requirements.

— Salman Khan

Many of my books are written from a female perspective. I rather enjoy the take that women have on the world, and certainly I enjoy the conversations that women have.

— Alexander McCall Smith

Art is a conversation we are all invited to and are all worthy to participate in. Yes, great works can be intimidating, but no one else in the world has what you have-your voice, your eyes, your feeling and perspective. Other people have written great books, but no one else will ever write YOUR book. It's worth writing. That is the belief that carries me through.

— Rachel Hartman

If you read any of my books, they tend to have a strong historical perspective.

— Eric Kandel

I hate when books are written from the wrong perspective; when they're written by adults for tweenagers. Like, do you truly remember what it's like to be 12? No, not really.

— Zendaya

Grandparents can have a profound influence on their grandchildren. Their time is generally not as encumbered and busy as the parents', so books can be opened and read, stories can be told ... Children then obtain a perspective of life which not only is rewarding but can bring them security, peace, and strength ...

— Ezra Taft Benson

A Christian way of thinking is not just thinking Christian thoughts, singing Christian songs, reading Christian books, going to Christian schools; it is learning to think about the whole spectrum of life from the perspective of a mind that has been trained in truth.

— Alistair Begg

I have no perspective as regards my work. One reason I put out records and books is people respond to it, and it enables you to actually see the work more clearly. It's a form of therapy for me. Sometimes abusive therapy.

— Moby

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