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Quotes About Personal Trainer

Id compare college tuition to paying for a personal trainer at an athletic club. We professors play the roles of trainers, giving people access to the equipment (books, labs, our expertise) and after that, it is our job to be demanding.
— Randy Pausch —

Wearing that personal trainer nametag doesn't make you right #AHOLE

— A.O. Storm

I should probably warn you ... I had a personal trainer once. He and I did not enjoy each other.

— Priscilla Glenn

I have my guy Semi who is my on the road - he's my personal trainer. He helps me out with training and stuff like that, and he's shown me a lot of things I can do on the road. We were trying to figure out something that I can do everywhere, like in my hotel room, so I don't have to have a gym.

— Avicii

A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

— Elaine MacDonald

The smartest thing I ever did as a writer was hire a retired conservation agent to blaze a hiking trail for me. It's nothing fancy - just a narrow path that meanders for a little over a mile through the woods near my home. But that trail through the trees has become my therapist, my personal trainer, and my best editor.

— Kate Klise

As soon as I get time, I want to start to do some fight training. I tried a little boxing once with my personal trainer back in L.A. - it's such a good workout, and it's a good skill to have, especially in my industry, since sometimes you have to do stunts and fight scenes.

— Katia Winter

No one knows your body like you do. Listen to it. It will tell you what to eat, when to drink, how to sleep and which exercises you need to do. Let your own body be your most trusted personal trainer.

— Toni Sorenson

I was a personal trainer for about a decade. I competed in powerlifting, and I did a bodybuilding competition. I was heavily entrenched in the personal training world.

— Matt McGorry

I try to go to the gym three to four times a week and mix it up with yoga or a personal trainer.

— Nicole Trunfio

I don't really need a personal trainer or watch what I eat. I can't start the day without a hot chocolate or finish it without a few squares of dark chocolate. It's good for my mood!

— Blake Lively

My personal trainer suggested paleo to build muscle while staying lean, and it's one of the first plans that's worked for me.

— Tim Howard

In LA, it's the law that you must be engaged in writing a screenplay with your hairdresser, pool boy, personal trainer, life coach, dog walker, or yoga instructor.

— Mimi Pond

One personal tip that my trainer gave me was, "Don't take things personally. People are calling on the worst days of their lives and you're their first point of contact. Be like a duck and let the water roll off your back." I live by those words when I'm at work.

— Cameron West

There's no regimen. There's no personal trainer. I love to go hiking because it's an experience. If I need to gain stamina for a tour, I will run every single night on the treadmill, but I don't necessarily like being at the gym.

— Taylor Swift

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