Quotes About Parkinson's

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Quotes About Parkinson's

In a prime-time address, President Bush said he backed limited federal funding for stem cell research. Thats right, the President said, this is a quote, the research could help cure brain diseases like Alzheimers, Parkinsons, and whatever it is I have.
— Conan O'Brien —

Some genetic variants can be informative about one's risk for Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

— Anne Wojcicki

The moment I understood this - that my Parkinson's was the one thing I wasn't going to change - I started looking at the things I could change, like the way research is funded.

— Michael J. Fox

As a practicing neurologist, I can tell you first hand that working with Parkinson's patients offers clinical challenges. But from an emotional perspective, this disease can border on overwhelming.

— David Perlmutter

People with Parkinson's are not some weird people on the edge of human experience.

— Helen Mirren

Parkinson's is very hard to diagnose. So when I finally went to a neurologist, and he said, 'Oh, you have Parkinson's disease,' I was completely shocked.

— Linda Ronstadt

As much as Parkinson's is about movement, the end stage is being frozen. So the more I let that happen, the more I'm gonna be stuck within that and unable to reverse it.

— Michael J. Fox

This kind of pragmatism has become a hallmark of our psychological culture. In the mid-1990s, I described how it was commonplace for people to "cycle through" different ideas of the human mind as (to name only a few images) mechanism, spirit, chemistry, and vessel for the soul.14 These days, the cycling through intensifies. We are in much more direct contact with the machine side of mind. People are fitted with a computer chip to help with Parkinson's. They learn to see their minds as program and hardware. They take antidepressants prescribed by their psychotherapists, confident that the biochemical and oedipal self can be treated in one room. They look for signs of emotion in a brain scan. Old jokes about couples needing "chemistry" turn out not to be jokes at all.

— Sherry Turkle

I think we all get our own bag of hammers. We all get our own Parkinson's. We all have our own thing. I think that we'll look at it through the filter of that experience, and we'll say, "Yeah, I need to laugh at my stuff, too."

— Michael J. Fox

God gave me Parkinson's syndrome to show me I'm not 'The Greatest' - he is.

— Muhammad Ali

Parkinson's is my toughest fight. No, it doesn't hurt. It's hard to explain. I'm being tested to see if I'll keep praying, to see if I'll keep my faith. All great people are tested by God

— Muhammad Ali

I always liked to chase the girls. Parkinson's stops all that. Now I might have a chance to go to heaven.

— Muhammad Ali

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