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Quotes About Panthers

I didnt say what I said to be controversial just because most people are picking the Patriots to win. I consider myself a pretty good judge of talent when it comes to defensive linemen and the Panthers biggest strength is their defensive line. You win the battle of the trenches and that goes a long way to winning the game.
— Warren Sapp —

Dan, who was writing a book on the radical activity of the twenties and thirties, took the occasion of our trip to ask me about them. The whole thing seems to me so stale that I can't imagine anybody's now wanting to write about it, but we ran over the personalities and I told him a lot of stories. It seemed to me like that grisly museum of the early 1900's that I had had him visit at Niagara Falls: old stuffed two-headed calves, motheaten panthers attacking a stag, dried-up corpses from Indian graves, big bags made of rubber tires in which people had tried to shoot the falls
and around it all-powerful industrial life that no show of resistance could stop, which had ruined the landscape of the river and was crowding out everything else.

— Edmund Wilson

In the white newspapers, they use it against us. They make the Panthers look like we all just want to rip the throats out of some white folks for no good reason. We have good reasons, but we still don't want to do that.

— Kekla Magoon

And now, in the season of the Radical Chic, the Black Panthers.

— Tom Wolfe

A lot of people don't understand the Black Panthers Party's relationship with white mother country radicals.

— Fred Hampton

I always tried to raise money for the Black Panthers through business schemes.

— Bobby Seale

Italy doesn't need American football. For what? I've been. Wine, women, song, shopping, unbelievable vistas and landscapes ... Do they need Titans vs. Panthers? Uh, no.

— Michael Wilbon

I am proud that my daughter believes, as I do, that hungry children should be fed whether they are Black Panthers or White Republicans

— Tommy Douglas

We admire predators - panthers, lions, tigers, even wolves. Maybe to be naturally thoughtful and hesitant to use violence is to be somehow second rate. To be in the middle of the social food chain. Especially if you're a man. This society thinks real men are violent.

— Marge Piercy

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