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Quotes About One's Path

One walks along a street and strays unknowingly from ones path; one then looks up and suddenly for those familiar landmarks of orientation, and, seeing none, one feels lost. Panic drapes the look of the world in a strangeness, and the more one stares blankly at the world, the stranger it looks, the more hideously frightening it seems. There is then born in one a wild, hot wish to project out upon the alien world the world that one is seeking. This wish is a hunger for power, to be in command of ones self.
— Richard Wright —

Intelligence doesn't always equate to common sense. Or, for that matter, the ability to fully choose one's path in life.

— Ais

The ones who close the path for peacefull revolution, at the same time open the path for violent revolution.

— Hugo Rafael Chavez

The most difficult of decisions are often not the ones in which we cannot determine the correct course; rather the ones in which we are certain of the path but fear the journey.

— Richard Paul Evans

People who ask questions and think about their faith are the last ones to embrace dogma
and the last to abandon their path once they've set out on it. I felt fairly sure that the Almighty, whatever name tag He had on at the moment, could handle a few questions from people sincerely looking for answers. Hell, He might even like it.

— Jim Butcher

When you begin to walk your own journey, to have your own unique conversation, you will naturally stop feeling envious of others. Not because you'll realize your desires are different from theirs, but because they are so similar. You'll discover the difference between doing well and pretending to do well, between being happy and pretending to be happy, between healthy relationships and staged ones. You'll see just how many obstacles lie on any path. You'll realize that it takes the same amount of effort to work on building up the quality of the conversations in your life as it does to broadcast to the public, constantly, that those conversations are already perfect. You can either build up the mask or build up the authentic self. And you, brave and beautiful you, will make the right choice eventually. Be it now or on your deathbed. We all realize soon enough.

— Vironika Tugaleva

I've been afraid of being Cansrel,' she said aloud to her reflection. 'But I'm not Cansrel.'
At her elbow, Musa said blandly, 'Any one of us could have told you that, Lady.'
Fire looked at the captain of her guard and laughed, because she wasn't Cansrel- she wasn't anyone but herself. She had no one's path to follow; her path was her own to choose.

— Kristin Cashore

Path is only a name for a place where you find yourself. Where you're going on it is only a story. Where you've been on it is only another. Some of the stories are pleasant ones; some are not. That's dark and light.

— John Crowley

Heaven winked at you, right? Maybe. Maybe it did. Or maybe it was just an airplane and a cloud. But if heaven winks at anybody, it's probably the less-than-conspicious seekers; the ones who choose the path over the avenue, the gap in the hedge over the trumpeted gates. That's probably why there's no verifiable evidence, right?
The universe only winks at the ones no one will believe.

— Michael Cunningham

Oh maturity's a wrapped up package deal so it seems
And ditching teenage fantasy means ditching all your dreams
All your friends and peers and family solemnly tell you you will
Have to grow up be an adult yeah be bored and unfulfilled
Oh when no ones yet explained to me exactly what's so great
About slaving 50 years away on something that you hate, about meekly shuffling down the path of mediocrity
Well if that's your road then take it but it's not the road for me.

— Frank Turner

Leaders are the ones who have the courage to go first, to put themselves at personal risk to open a path for others to follow.

— Simon Sinek

Oh, there at last, life's trials past, / We'll meet our loved ones more, / Whose feet have trod the path to God,
/ Not lost, but gone before.

— Caroline Norton

When the sunset of life arrives, and its twilight shadows fade away; while dreams of the next begin to appear more vividly; may the inner-light essence of the Buddha, and all the radiant awakened ones, continuously guide us onwards and upwards, on the path of spiritual enlightment.

— Surya Das

You yourself must earnestly practise, the enlightened ones only proclaim the path

— Gautama Buddha

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