Quotes About One's Background

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Quotes About One's Background

Every experience in life enriches ones background and should teach valuable lessons.
— Mary Barnett Gilson —

Weir heard something different in the sounds. Once, during a period of calm, he sat on the firestep waiting for Stephen to return from an inspection and listened to the music of the tins. The empty ones were sonorous, the fuller ones provided an ascending scale. Those filled to the brim produced only a fat percussive beat unless they overbalanced, when the cascade would give a loud variation. Within earshot there were scores of tins in different states of fullness and with varying resonance. Then he heard the wire moving in the wind. It set up a moaning background noise that would occasionally gust into prominence, then lapse again to mere accompaniment. He had to work hard to discern, or perhaps imagine, a melody in this tin music, but it was better in his ears than the awful sound of shellfire.

— Sebastian Faulks

I can't advise any of the young ones, because I don't know what their background was, but I would suggest that anyone who wants to be famous more than anything - there's a real problem.

— Shirley Maclaine

One's entire life - his mental state, his health, his relationships, the material gains that he may or may not make - are all effects which have been set in motion by causes to be found somewhere in one's background, in this life or previous ones.

— Brad Steiger

Naturally, everything depends on one's background books and on what one is looking for.

— Umberto Eco

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