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Quotes About One Person

There are people who want to change the world, make it a better place ... but what they dont know, is that to make a difference in the life of one person and to make a single persons life a better thing to live, is just as valuable as changing the whole world. And most of the time, thats the only thing that we should be doing. You can gain the whole world but lose your own soul in the process, and in that case, the whole world just isnt worth it.
— C. JoyBell C. —

Finding the center of strength within ourselves is in the long run the best contribution we can make to our fellow men ... One person with indigenous inner strength exercises a great calming effect on panic among people around him. This is what our society needs - not new ideas and inventions; important as these are, and not geniuses and supermen, but persons who can "be", that is, persons who have a center of strength within themselves.

— Rollo May

When I was nineteen, pureness was the great issue. Instead of the world being divided up into Catholics and Protestants, or Republicans and Democrats, or white men and black men, or even men and women, I saw the world divided into people who had slept with somebody and people who hadn't; and this seemed the only really significant difference between one person and another.

— Sylvia Plath

Once upon a time, one looked to society
or class, or community
for one's normative vocabulary: what was good for everyone was by definition good for anyone. But the converse does not hold. What is good for one person may or may not be of value or interest to another. Conservative philosophers of an earlier age understood this well, which was why they resorted to religious language and imagery to justify traditional authority and its claims upon each individual.
But the individualism of the new Left respected neither collective purpose nor traditional authority: it was, after all, both new and left. What remained to it was the subjectivism of private
and privately-measured
interest and desire. This, in turn, invited a resort to aesthetic and moral relativism: if something is good for me it is not incumbent upon me to ascertain whether it is good for someone else
much less to impose it upon them ("do your own thing").

— Tony Judt

But supposing God became a man - suppose our human nature which can suffer and die was amalgamated with God's nature in one person - then that person could help us. He could surrender His will, and suffer and die, because He was man; and He could do it perfectly because He was God. You and I can go through this process only if God does it in us; but God can only do it if He becomes man. Our attempts at this dying will succeed only if we men share in God's dying, just as our thinking can succeed only because it is a drop out of the ocean of His intelligence: but we cannot share God's dying unless God dies; and He cannot die except by being a man. That is the sense in which He pays our debt, and suffers for us what He Himself need not suffer at all.

— C.S. Lewis

Last year in the U.S. alone more than nine hundred thousand people were reported missing and not found ...
That's out of three hundred million, total population. That breaks down to about one person in three hundred and twenty-five vanishing. Every year ...
Maybe it's a coincidence, but it's almost the same loss ratio experienced by herd animals on the African savannah to large predators.

— Jim Butcher

You're successful if you can get one person to pick it up and put it on the turntable and go, Wow, thanks for writing that!

— Dan Fogelberg

Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words.

— Rumi

The thing about Iran is there are many political factions and it's not quite the dictatorial, authoritarian state with one person always making every single decision ...

— Hooman Majd

It's a unique experience when you're doing an independent film where you have one person who puts up all the funds to make the film.

— Forest Whitaker

Studios might cast an actor because he is too tall next to the leading lady, who is too short, or they might not cast your guy because he's blond, and they wanted a brunette. There's all kinds of reasons why they want one person over another. I don't worry about it, but it can hurt sometimes if you really wanted something, if you really went after something.

— Bruce Campbell

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