Quotes About Old And New Relationships

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Quotes About Old And New Relationships

Im too old for change," she explained. "Im too old to pursue good health and new relationships. The past breathes for me. It is my life. You are young, Dr. Scarpetta. Someday you will see what it is like to look back. You will find it inescapable. You will find your personal history drawing you back into familiar rooms where, ironically, events occurred that set into motion your eventual estrangement from life. You will find the hard furniture of heartbreak more comfortable and the people who failed you friendlier with time. You will find yourself running back into the arms of the pain you once ran away from. It is easier. Thats all I can say. It is easier." "Do
— Patricia Cornwell —

And then there are some who
believe that old
relationships can be
revived and made new
but please
if you feel that way
don't phone
don't write
don't arrive

— Charles Bukowski

The old computing was about what computers could do; the new computing is about what users can do. Successful technologies are those that are in harmony with users' needs. They must support relationships and activities that enrich the users' experiences.

— Ben Shneiderman

Forgiveness offers the possibility of two types of peace: peace of mind - the potential healing of old emotional wounds, and peace with others - the possibility of new, more gratifying relationships in the future.

— Kenneth Pargament

As NVC replaces our old patterns of defending, withdrawing or attacking in the face of judgment and criticism. We come to perceive ourselves and others, as well as our intentions and relationships, in a new light. Resistance, defensiveness, and violent reactions are minimized.

— Marshall B. Rosenberg

The world is slowly, slowly moving towards love relationships; hence there is great turmoil. All the old institutions are disappearing - they have to disappear, because they were based on the I/it relationship. New ways of communication, new ways of sharing are bound to be discovered. They will have a different flavor, the flavor of love, of sharing. They will be nonpossessive; there will be no owner.

— Rajneesh

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