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Quotes About Office Administration

Bush made a point of emphasizing to me that unlike his fathers administration, his was one of significant "walk-in access" to the Oval Office.
— Robert Draper —

In general, any incoming administration must carefully examine ('vet') its nominees for high public office.

— Richard V. Allen

Yes, I don't believe that the inter-Korean relationship has, quote, 'deteriorated' since I assumed office. Rather I believe that the relationship between the two Koreas is entering into a new phase - a time of transition. And so I think that the North Koreans are trying to see what they can build with this, with my new administration.

— Lee Myung-bak

I thought administration was the running of the office. The Xerox machine. Paying bills.

— Lesley Stahl

It is statesmanlike for the administration and Congress to look to our nation's welfare beyond their terms in office.

— Nick Clooney

Wartime experience as an Office of Price Administration consultant for the candy industry

— Rick Perlstein

On taking office, Obama promised the 'most transparent' administration in history; yet his record as president has been anything but transparent.

— Bob Barr

The Kealty administration had promised more "openness" and "transparency" in the clandestine CIA. Jack Junior's father had written an op-ed in The Washington Post that suggested, in a manner that was still respectful to the office of the presidency, that Ed Kealty might want to look up the word clandestine in the dictionary.

— Tom Clancy

Nearly everyone who is unemployed votes "Democrat." Nearly every immigrant, at least in the first generation, votes "Democrat." Nearly every non-white American votes "Democrat." The GOP know that so intellectually and financially bankrupt an administration should never have been re-elected - indeed, given the scale of electoral fraud practiced by the "Democrats," he may not actually have been re-elected (always supposing that he had the constitutional right to hold the office of president in the first place).

— Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton Of Brenchley

Some information has to remain in the privy of the office of the Prime Minister and the ministers for the proper administration of government.

— Jean Chretien

It is easier to start taxes than to stop them. A tax an inch long can easily become a yard long. That has been the history of the income tax. Would not the sales tax be likely to have a similar history [in the U.S.]? ... Canadian newspapers report that an increase in the sales tax threatens to drive the Mackenzie King administration out of office. Canada began with a sales tax of 2% ... Starting this month the tax is 6%. The burden, in other words, has already been increased 200% ... What the U.S. needs is not new taxes, is not more taxes, but fewer and lower taxes.

— B.C. Forbes

Accuse American businessmen of being responsible for radicalism and they would indignantly deny the accusation. Yet, in one fundamental sense, they are responsible. They are responsible in the sense that they have utterly neglected to take part in the work and the organization which precede the choosing of candidates for political office. Local political organizations all over the land are conducted and controlled, as a rule, by politicians ... Businessmen have shirked such responsibilities, leaving an untrammeled field to others less capable of carrying on the administration of government.

— B.C. Forbes

C'mon kids! Wake up and smell the CO2! Take over your administration building, occupy your university president's office, or storm in on the next meeting of your college's board of trustees until they agree to make your school carbon neutral.

— Thomas Friedman

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