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Quotes About Obnoxious

If you want to produce really horrible, obnoxious kids, say yes to them all the time.
— Ewan McGregor —

Ah, never," Nicholas said, rubbing his hands together. "Such an interesting word."
"You know, Your Majesty, the only reason I'm not swearing at you right now is because I was taught to be kind to old men."
Nicholas laughed merrily. "Cheeky whelp."
"Does that mean you won't slay me for telling you that you're a thoroughly obnoxious, interefering, exasperating ... " Runach took a deep breath. "Good breeding prevents me from saying more."
Nicholas smiled. "Runach, my dearest boy, you are truly your mother's son.

— Lynn Kurland

You know, Sir Devlan. Many women might find the quiet type endearing," I say. "I admit, a man of few words has an attractive quality." His head turns toward me. "But seeing how you're one of the few people I have to converse with, your lack of conversational skills can be obnoxious.

— Trisha Wolfe

I am obnoxious to each carping tongue/ Who says my hand a needle better fits./ A poet's pen all scorn I should thus wrong/ For such despite they cast on female wits;/ If what I do prove well, it won't advance,/ They'll say it's stolen, or else, it was by chance.

— Anne Bradstreet

Nothing is as obnoxious as other people's luck.

— F. Scott Fitzgerald

I was always good at math, but I was good at everything. It sounds obnoxious, but I was just smart. In school, it's kind of obvious when you're learning things faster than other kids.

— Lisa Randall

I also turn down what's probably a good amount of coinage to be made out of playing dads, an incredible number of obnoxious dad.

— Bill Pullman

I'm a Berliner - fast, loud, obnoxious, industrious, brutally open.

— Hasso Plattner

The more you know about somebody's back story, the deeper you can delve into that well, and the more your comedic choices resonate full-body instead of just being quick, quippy one-liners that are just like a bunch of people trying to be clever. Because after a while, cleverness is just really obnoxious!

— Constance Wu

Jilly looked at it with a sinking heart. It was difficult enough when the exotic, undeniably gorgeous creature of her fantasies had turned out to be an obnoxious bully. Of course he had to have a Harley, as well, completing the perfect bad-boy image. With the tattooed teardrops on his high cheekbones and spiky, waist-length, flame-colored hair and his long, leather-clad legs and pointy-toed cowboy boots, he was almost irresistible, despite his manners.
A Harley sealed the deal. He was all her adolescent fantasies come true.
And it was time to grow up.

— Anne Stuart

Oh, yes he does. He's a scientist, and they know everything. Religion is crap," declared Listen.
"You're the most obnoxious little brat I've ever met."
"Both of you be quiet,

— Nancy Farmer

If you want to produce really horrible, obnoxious kids, say yes to them all the time.

— Ewan McGregor

I know this'll sound obnoxious, but acting was very much an accident for me. I didn't have, like, posters of Marlon Brando in my bedroom when I was growing up.

— Michael Shannon

The Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality.

— Richard M. Nixon

A team should be an extension of a coach's personality. My teams are arrogant and obnoxious.

— Al McGuire

Pot is a better drug than alcohol. I'll prove it to you. You're at a ball game or a concert, and someone's really violent and agressive and obnoxious, are they drunk or are they smoking pot?

— Bill Hicks

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