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Quotes About Now And Then

Now and then, I remember you in times Unbelievable. And in places not made for memory But for the transient, the passing that does not remain.
— Yehuda Amichai —

Men and women walked casually about as they did on the main floor, every now and then stopping one another, exchanging pleasantries or scraps of relevantly irrelevant information. Gossip.

— Robert Ludlum

There are far too many people for us to think about each of them during our short stay on earth-like the thousands of books in a library we haven't time to read in an afternoon. But this is no excuse to cease browsing. For every now and then, we find that one book that reaches us deep inside and introduces us to ourselves. And, in someone else's story, we come to understand our own.

— Richard Paul Evans

... and now and then we could look up and give each other a thought,
because I think he could have beautiful thoughts,
and we could just let each other be less lonely in our loneliness.

— Charlotte Eriksson

I used to shop in ASDA all the time. Every now and then I still go in to get a little salad for lunch.

— Fleur East

Learn to look up now and then, just in case a piano is falling from overhead.

— Richelle E. Goodrich

I do not know that I should be fond of preaching often; now and then, perhaps, once or twice in the spring, after being anxiously expected for half-a-dozen Sundays together; but not for a constancy; it would not do for a constancy.

— Jane Austen

One of the things I like about doing historical films is drawing the line between now and then.

— James Purefoy

Who the Hell is Lane? he asked. Unmistakably, it was the question of a still very young man who, now and then, is not inclined to admiti that he know the first names of certain people.

— J.D. Salinger

Every now and then the city shook its soul out. It assailed you with an image, or a day, or a crime, or a terror, or a beauty so difficult to wrapy your mind around that you had to shake your head in disbelief.

— Colum McCann

Conversation never sits easier upon us than when we now and then discharge ourselves in a symphony of laughter, which may not improperly be called the chorus of conversation.

— Richard Steele

His eyes made a slow scan of my closet doors, which were cracked. "I thought I heard something."
"Yeah, well, guess what? I'm a living, breathing person, and every now and then I make noise!

— Becca Fitzpatrick

Every now and then, I might listen to music, but I try not to listen to it too much because when you turn on the radio and hear the same song over and over again. You won't appreciate it as much; it won't be as fresh.

— Chamillionaire

Remember to connect with people now and then. In fact, pick up the phone, right now, and call a friend for no other reason than to say hi.

— Simon Sinek

Now and then in travel, something unexpected happens that transforms the whole nature of the trip and stays with the traveler.

— Paul Theroux

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