Quotes About Not Afraid Of Death

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Quotes About Not Afraid Of Death

Im not afraid of death ... Im afraid of life without you.
— Yvonne Woon —

She knew this to be true. Maybe not tonight, but some night soon. She was not afraid of death, in theory. If anything, she had nothing but respect and reverence for the Genius of Death, who had shaped this world more than any other force. That said, she did not wish to die quite this moment. She still wanted to see what would happen next, as much as ever. The thing was to resist submersion for as long as possible.

— Elizabeth Gilbert

Oh, I'm not afraid of death! What have I got to live for after all? I suppose you believe it's very wrong to kill a person who has injured you-even if they've taken away everything you had in the world?

— Agatha Christie

I'm not afraid of death, but I resent it. I think it's unfair and irritating. Every time I see something beautiful, I not only want to return to it, but it makes me want to see other beautiful things. I know I'm not going to get to all the places I want to go.

— Viggo Mortensen

They're well off; they're safe; they're never ill; they're not afraid of death; they're blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they're plagued with no mothers or fathers; they've got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about; they're so conditioned that they practically can't help behaving as they ought to behave.

— Aldous Huxley

I'm not afraid of death.

— Maurice Sendak

One should be afraid of life, not of death.

— Marlene Dietrich

Most of us were not afraid of death, only of the act of dying; and there were times when we overcame even this fear. At such moments we were free-men without shadows, dismissed from the ranks of the mortal; it was the most complete experience of freedom that can be granted a man.

— Arthur Koestler

I'm not afraid of death. I'm going home.

— Patrick Swayze

Afraid of death? Not at all. Be a great relief. Then I wouldn't have to talk to you.

— Katharine Hepburn

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