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Quotes About Not Acting

Im at least getting my foot in the door as far as doing straight dramatic parts, which no one would have ever considered me for in the 80s. I never objected to that because I love doing comedy, and Im not the kind of actor that insists that unless youre doing a serious dramatic role, youre not acting.
— Curtis Armstrong —

Learning to pass, it turns out, is less a matter of acting than not acting. You can become part of a given scene, situation, or people ('our people,' as it were), simply by letting yourself serve as a mirror for those around you. When I was still in college, when I still thought I might make a good priest, I spent some time in a Trappist monastery. I found that by exerting as little of my own personality as possible, I was able to fit right in. The monks in no time came to call me brother, believing I was destined to make vows as one of their own. Passing begins with the assumptions of those around you. The best thing you can do to maintain the illusion is to come as close as possible to doing nothing at all.

— Peter Manseau

I enjoyed being in movies when I was a boy. As a child you're not acting - you believe.

— Roddy McDowall

I like both music and acting, and they both have a lot in common - timing, immediacy, stuff like that. But acting is more regimented. You wait around for hours, you don't get to write the script, you get hired. Music represents me better. I'm not acting; I'm just expressing myself.

— Lukas Haas

I'm now learning how to distinguish when I'm acting and when I'm not acting - offstage as well as onstage.

— Micky Dolenz

If a critic doesn't think I can act, it's because I'm not acting. That's me - and that's the way I act.

— Donna Brazile

When we quietly go about our business as our rights are plundered, when we yield to passivity and switch on the wii and hand over our power, we are not acting like true Americans. Indeed, at those moments we are giving up our citizenship.

— Naomi Wolf

I've probably had my best time acting - or not acting, or trying to not act - on things like 'The Low Down' or 'Treacle Jr.' I'm happiest doing things like that. Not just because they're lead roles, but because there's more freedom in them.

— Aidan Gillen

Yes, she doesn't really look like either of us, does she? Perhaps she's a girl who's fallen madly in love with me and persists in following me wherever I go."
"My talent is shape-shifting, Will, not acting," said Tessa, and at that Jem laughed out loud.

— Cassandra Clare

Despair is a form of certainty, certainty that the future will be a lot like the present or decline from it. Optimism is similarly confident about what will happen. Both are grounds for not acting. Hope can be the knowledge that reality doesn't necessarily match our plans.

— Rebecca Solnit

I think the best roles are in dark movies. It's roles that aren't you. It's fun playing someone that's not me. If I'm playing me all the time, then it's not acting. It's just being yourself.

— Chloe Grace Moretz

We cannot create blueprint for future society, but it is good to think about that. It is good to have in mind a goal. It is constructive, it is helpful, it is healthy, to think about what future society might be like, because then it guides you somewhat what you are doing today, but only so long as this discussions about future society don't become obstacles to working towards this future society. Otherwise you can spend discussing this utopian possibility versus that utopian possibility, and in the mean time you are not acting in a way that would bring you closer to that.

— Howard Zinn

By not knowing, not hoping to know and not acting like we know what's happening, we begin to access our inner strength.

— Pema Chodron

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