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Quotes About New Page

Pause and remember - Every morning is a new page in the story of your life. You are creating your life at every moment. Think wisely about the day you want to create for yourself.
— Jennifer Young —

Our lives are like books, Hunter. Each day is a new page - each year, a new chapter. Just like books, our lives end; but our stories ... those are never forgotten. We live on in the hearts and thoughts of those who loved us.

— M.S. Willis

You said we've got a new page. I figure I've got some say in what gets written on it. So I'm going to work on you. Last time around, you threw yourself at me." "I did no such thing."
"Sure you did. But I can see I've got my work cut out for me this time. That's okay." He skimmed his thumb over her knuckles before she jerked her hand free. "In fact, I think I'm going to enjoy it."
"I don't know why I waste my time trying to mend fences with you. You're as arrogant as you ever were."
"Just the way you like me, sweetheart.

— Nora Roberts

On the Native American front, we have turned a new page in the 400-year history of the interface between the American settlers of this country and the nation's first Americans. That's included a new relationship where the sovereignty of tribes is in fact recognized.

— Ken Salazar

I had serious training of painting styles from different historical periods ... But to have all this training is not enough to be an artist. You have to add a new page to history; otherwise you are not making a contribution. But making history is not easy.

— Liu Dan

How endless is that volume which God hath written of the world! Every creature is a letter, every day a new page.

— Joseph Hall

By the way, pornography? It's a new synaptic pathway. You wake up in the morning, open a thumbnail page, and it leads to a Pandora's box of visuals. There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed.

— John Mayer

We see the brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen.

— Rainer Maria Rilke

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