Quotes About Needing Space

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Quotes About Needing Space

I cant deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you.
— Taylor Swift —

She spent a great deal of time staring into space, oppressed by the sense that she was waiting. But waiting for what? She did not know. Surely someone would call, someone must be needing her. Yet each day proceeded like the one before. Nothing intense, nothing desperate, ever happened. Time did not move. The home, the city, the nation, and life itself were eternal; still she had a foreboding that one day, without warning and without pity, all the dear, important things would be destroyed.

— Evan S. Connell

I didn't know someone could love me like this," she said. "Could love me and love me and love me without ... needing space."
Lincoln wasn't asleep. He rolled on top of her.
"There's no air in space," he said.

— Rainbow Rowell

So the people of Earth thought they had instructions from the Creator of the Universe Himself to wreck the joint. But they were going at it too slowly for the Elders, so the Elders put it into the people's heads that they themselves were the life forms that were supposed to spread out through the Universe. This was a preposterous ideas, of course. In the words of a nameless author: How could all that meat, needing so much food and water and oxygen, and with bowel movements so enormous, expect to survive a trip of any distance whatsoever through the limitless void of outer space? It was a miracle that such ravenous and cumbersome giants could make a roundtrip for a 6-pack to the nearest grocery store.

— Kurt Vonnegut

I know without needing to hear the voice of the Creator that the stars trace out in space the orbits which His hand has drawn.

— Alexis De Tocqueville

And when you're needing your space to do some navigating ... I' ll be here patiently waiting to see what you find

— Jason Mraz

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