Quotes About National Pride

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Quotes About National Pride

One of the best things about the award season is that when a British film succeeds at the Oscars and BAFTAs, such as Slumdog Millionaire in 2009 and The Kings Speech this year, the British public get right behind it with an immense sense of national pride.
— Gurinder Chadha —

The cheapest sort of pride is national pride; for if a man is proud of his own nation, it argues that he has no qualities of his own of which he can be proud; otherwise he would not have recourse to those which he shares with so many millions of his fellowmen. The man who is endowed with important personal qualities will be only too ready to see clearly in what respects his own nation falls short, since their failings will be constantly before his eyes. But every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts, as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and glad to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail,

— Arthur Schopenhauer

When it comes to nuclear technology, the Iranian people are very sensitive. It is a part of our national pride, and nuclear technology has become indigenous.

— Hassan Rouhani

I think national pride leads to nothing but wars and hate.

— John Lydon

It's hard to find an emblem of cultural, national pride that burns as bright as Israel's success in classical music.

— Zubin Mehta

It appears to be a matter of national pride that the President is to have more mud, and blacker mud, and filthier mud in front ofhis door than any other man can afford.

— Jane Swisshelm

We love the indomitable bellicose patriotism that sets you apart; we love the national pride that guides your muscularly courageous race; we love the potent individualism that doesn't prevent you from opening your arms to individualists of every land, whether libertarians or anarchists.

— Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Our neighbors shake their heads And take their valuables inside While my countrymen piss in the fountains To express their national pride.

— Billy Bragg

Local brands evoke national pride, are seen as less profit-oriented, and are often formed on deep local insights. But quality worries persist, innovation is questioned, the information can be woefully inadequate, they are sometimes seen to be opaque and their advertising is clearly recognised as not being of a global standard. For local brands, quality, innovation and transparency are critical hills to climb.

— Miles Young

A wise nation preserves its records, gathers
up its monuments, decorates the tombes of its illustrious dead, repairs its
greatest structures and fosters national pride and love of country, by perpetual
references to the sacrifices and glories of the past.

— Joseph Howe

The Olympic Games are for 'the youth of the world,' but they're organized and scored by countries. It's no surprise that countries treat them as vehicles of national pride, and assume that their people will be most interested in their own athletes. So anybody who was saving up to write an angry letter, blog post, or op-ed about NBC's chauvinistic coverage: don't bother! They're actually more above-the-fray than most. Also, their coverage is not shown anywhere except America - I know, it's because I can't get it that I'm watching Women's Air Pistol - so can't ruffle feathers elsewhere.

— James Fallows

Race? It is a feeling, not a reality. Ninety-five per cent, at least. Nothing will ever make me believe that biologically pure races can be shown to exist today ... National pride has no need of the delirium of race.

— Benito Mussolini

Believe it or not, there are places in the world where music is important. There are places in the world where all the arts are a matter of national pride.

— Frank Zappa

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