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Quotes About Nadir

There is something about a mass-market Luxury Cruise thats unbearably sad. Like most unbearably sad things, it seems incredibly elusive and complex in its causes and simple in its effect: on board the Nadir—especially at night—I felt despair. The wors overused and banalified now, despair, but its a serious word, and Im using it seriously.
— David Foster Wallace —

I'm not concerned with paid assassins ... mindless, soulless animals who excel at nothing else. But you, Erik ... you love all the beauty in this world ... you are a genius in so many different fields. Why do you set yourself beyond the pale of humanity by such a despicable crime?"
He took off the mask and turned slowly to let me see.
"This face which has denied me all human rights also frees me of all obligation to the human race," he said quietly. "My mother hated me, my village drove me from my home, I was exhibited like an animal in a cage until a knife showed me the only way to be free. The pleasures of love will always be forbidden to me ... but I am young, Nadir. I have all the desires of any normal man.

— Susan Kay

Failure is a chastening to do it more better , think more intelligently and restart the whole course from the nadir .

— Osunsakin Adewale

Nal had begun to sense that his life had jumped the rails-and then right at his nadir, he'd agreed to an "avant" haircut performed by Cousin Steve.

— Karen Russell

Every man's first declaration of love is bathos
the zenith of his passion connoting perhaps the nadir of his intelligence.

— William John Locke

The obvious liberal rejoinders come to mind: What about the child whose home is hit by a bomb? Did she have some bomb-shaped thoughtform that brought ruin down on her head? And did my [fired white-collar workers] boot-camp mates cause the layoffs that drove them out of their jobs by "vibrating" at a layoff-related frequency? It seems inexcusably cruel to tell people who have reach some kind of personal nadir that their probem is entirely of their own making ...

— Barbara Ehrenreich

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