Quotes About Money And Knowledge

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Quotes About Money And Knowledge

How can those who possess all knowledge, which must include knowledge of life that is worth living, be interested in using knowledge only for the insignificant aim of making money?
— Rebecca Goldstein —

And what else is it that men seek in life but power? If they want money, it is but for the power that attends it, and it is power again that they strive for in all the knowledge they acquire. Fools and sots aim at happiness, but men aim only at power.

— W. Somerset Maugham

(A middle-class child's) parents didn't just give him money. They passed down habits, knowledge, and cognitive traits.

— David Brooks

Good nature is worth more than knowledge, more than money, more than honor, to the persons who possess it.

— Henry Ward Beecher

The power in capitalism must not be mindless. Unless it is combined with knowledge, mere economic power or money is fruitless. Enterprise involves memory of the past and anticipation of the future, and it is creative. It is not a simple incentive system of rewards and punishments, of carrots and sticks. It is an information system, and it is governed less by economic theory as we know it than by information theory.

— George Gilder

Knowledge without action cost money

— David Bach

Government programs aim at getting money for poor people. Our hope was that knowledge would in the long run be more useful, provide more money, and eventually strike at the system-causes of poverty. Government believes that poverty is just a lack of money. We felt, and continue to feel, that poverty is actually a lack of skill, and a lack of the self-esteem that comes with being able to take some part of one's life into one's own hands and work with others towards shared-call them social-goals.

— Karl Hess

Money is 80% behavior, 20% head knowledge. It's what you do, not what you know.

— Dave Ramsey

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