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Quotes About Missionaries

NGOs are dangerous. They do what the missionaries used to do in Colonial times. They are Trojan Horses. The worse the situation, the more the NGOs.
— Arundhati Roy —

Women preach all over the world as foreign missionaries, and it doesn't offend-it

— David Frost

Actually, my cd was released in 1985, in return for two German missionaries and a Dutch urologist.

— Emo Philips

For many years, the work advanced but slowly. One denomination after another embarked in the undertaking; and now, American missionaries are seen in almost every land and every clime.

— Adoniram Judson

I counseled many returning missionaries. I interviewed 1,700 missionaries all over the world. My advice to them is that you should study and prepare for your life's work in a field that you enjoy.

— Thomas S. Monson

I grew up taking it for granted that missionaries were what American boys grew up to be.

— Huston Smith

People have the idea of missionaries as going out with the Bible and hitting natives with it. It's not really what they were doing. They were all doing something rather different.

— Colin Firth

There are more Baptist preachers in Texas than Baptist missionaries in all the world.

— Ray Thompson

I recall having read, at the brothers' instance, Madame Blavatsky's Key to Theosophy. This book stimulated in me the desire to read books on Hinduism, and disabused me of the notion fostered by the missionaries that Hinduism was rife with superstition.

— Mahatma Gandhi

Missionaries in the developing world waste a lot of time and money (not to mention the goodwill of non-Christians) proselytizing to the needy ... While missionaries do many noble things at great risk to themselves, their dogmatism still spreads ignorance and death. By contrast, volunteers for secular organizations ... do not waste ... time telling people about the virgin birth of Jesus. Nor do they tell people in sub-Saharan Africa - where nearly four million people die from AIDS every year - that condom use is sinful.

— Sam Harris

No one loves armed missionaries.

— Maximilien Robespierre

Missionaries are going to reform the world whether it wants to or not.

— Oscar Wilde

The work of our missionaries is a magnificent expression of the Lord's redeeming love.

— D. Todd Christofferson

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