Quotes About Missing Puzzle Pieces

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Quotes About Missing Puzzle Pieces

I was feeling like an old puzzle that someone put away, the kind thats missing pieces so it never gets looked at. It isnt until I came across the woman that now holds my last name that I see it clearly. Shes the collection of pieces that are missing from my box. She completes it and turns it into the most beautiful picture.
— Melyssa Winchester —

This is how we piece together our past. We do it like a jigsaw puzzle, where there are missing pieces. But so long as we have enough of the pieces, we can know what belongs in the gaps.

— Nathan Filer

As a historian, I found myself all too often treating my historical subjects like fictional characters, malleable entities that could be made to do one thing or another, whose motivations could be speculated upon endlessly, and whose missing actions could be reconstructed and approximated based on assessments of prior and later behaviors. It was one of the hazards with working a fragmentary source base. You had little scraps, like puzzle pieces, and you could put them together as best you could. But no matter how faithful you tried to be to the historical record, there would always be that element of guesswork, of imagination, of (if we're being totally honest) fiction.

— Lauren Willig

Everybody asks why I started at the end and worked back to the beginning, the reason is simple, I couldn't understand the beginning until I had reached the end. There were too many pieces of the puzzle missing, too much you would never tell. I could sell these things. People want to buy them, but I'd set all this on fire first. She'd like that, that's what she would do. She'd make it just to burn it. I couldn't afford this one, but the beginning deserves something special. But how do I show that nothing, not a taste, not a smell, not even the color of the sky, has ever been as clear and sharp as it was when I belonged to her. I don't know how to express the being with someone so dangerous is the last time I felt safe ... (White Oleander)

— Janet Fitch

The whole thing is like a jigsaw puzzle, but there are too many missing pieces to solve it.

— Lemony Snicket

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