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Quotes About Mischief

Miss Charingford." The words seemed unwillingly wrested from his chest. "Yes?" "You are only the eleventh prettiest woman in all of Leicester until you open your mouth." Her mouth dropped open. To insult her, atop all the other horrible, awful, impolite, unacceptable things that hed said? "Thank you so much for those kind words, Grantham," she snapped out. "Im glad to know that my mannerisms so sink me." But this time, he didnt smile at her; his eyes didnt sparkle with that familiar mischief. "Once you speak," he said, "you have no equal.
— Courtney Milan —

To smile at the jest which plants a thorn in another's breast is to become a principal in the mischief.

— Richard Brinsley Sheridan

They like the making of mischief, mayhem, anarchy. They have traditionally lacked management skills.

— Salman Rushdie

I hope he's just a scoundrel . . . because a saint can stir up ten times as much mischief as a scoundrel.

— Robert A. Heinlein

It is an age lurching along the lip of a dark precipice, peeking fearfully into chaos's empty eyes, enrapt, like a giddy rat trying to stare down a hungry cobra. The gods are restless, tossing and turning and wakening in snippets to conspire at mischief. Their bastard offspring, the hundred million spirits of rock and brook and tree, of place and time and emotion, find old constraints are rotting. The Postern of Fate stands ajar. The world faces an age of fear, of conflict, of grand sorcery, of great change, and of greater despair amongst mortal men. And the cliffs of ice creep forward.
Great kings walk the earth. They cannot help but collide. Great ideas sweep back and forth aross the face of a habitable world that is shrinking. Those cannot help but fire hatred and fear amongst adherents of dogmas and doctrines under increasing pressure.
As always, those who do the world's work most dearly pay the price of the world's pain.

— Glen Cook

Science is one thing, wisdom is another. Science is an edged tool, with which men play like children, and cut their own fingers. If you look at the results which science has brought in its train, you will find them to consist almost wholly in elements of mischief. See how much belongs to the word "Explosion" alone, of which the ancients knew nothing.

— Arthur Eddington

If the Soul sees, after death , what passes on this earth , and watches over the welfare of those it loves, then must its greatest happiness consist in seeing the current of its beneficent influences widening out from age to age, as rivulets widen into rivers, and aiding to shape the destinies of individuals, families, States, the World; and its bitterest punishment, in seeing its evil influences causing mischief and misery , and cursing and afflicting men, long after the frame it dwelt in has become dust, and when both name and memory are forgotten.

— Albert Pike

The next thing is by gentle degrees to accustom children to those things they are too much afraid of. But here great caution is to be used, that you do not make too much haste, nor attempt this cure too early, for fear lest you increase the mischief instead of remedying it.

— John Locke

Where cheating is, there's mischief there.

— William Blake

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