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Quotes About Mickey

Britneys a really cool girl, We were really close back when we were on the Mickey Mouse Club, and even watching her in interviews I find myself missing her lately. Im really proud of her, how far shes come and what shes been able to accomplish. And to keep it together: Its so crazy out on the road. I gotta give her credit for not just going berserk and letting everybody get to her. I just passed on my number to her through somebody. Its good to have friends in the business who know what youre going through.
— Christina Aguilera —

Once an opportunist like Mickey, who took the argument when she jumped on some devastated wretch's machine and jackpotted that it was the "cash-ino's money" she was winning, Moon returned after her six month break with the view that the separation had somehow sweetened the honeypot. The sad reality, she quickly learned, was that she was not irreplaceable; as such, the Casino felt no compunction to welcome her back with multi-jackpots. Instead, it took her money everyday and did not once give her a jackpot so that she could say, "Ah. They missed me." Instead, all she could keep saying was, "Verr-y bed. Verr-y bed. Suck-ah all my money!

— Hope Barrett

Get real. They'll try to kill us no matter what. I can find out how to open the files from Mickey. You may be impressed with this genius shit but you should really find out what a mess his head is. The right drugs, he'll cut his own throat and forget why he's bleeding. That was an interesting choice of metaphor.

— Dan Ahearn

What," came a deep male voice, "is this?"
Silence froze, her hand still outstretched, clutching a damp, dirty cloth. Oh, dear Lord. Slowly she raised her eyes and found herself face-to-thighs with Mickey O'Connor's extremely tight breeches.

— Elizabeth Hoyt

When it comes to the recording and writing, it's still mostly Mickey and I. But now there's this whole live entity that's a whole different thing, and it seems to be where we're gaining the most popularity.

— Gene Ween

That was real baseball. We weren't playing for money. They gave us Mickey Mouse watches that ran backwards.

— Bill Lee

When you say 'comic book' in America, people think of Mickey Mouse, and Archie. It has a connotation of juvenile.

— Mark Hamill

I wasn't a trained Mickey Mouse club performer. I played in jazz clubs and restaurants.

— Norah Jones

Mickey Mantle was a very good golfer, but we weren't allowed to play golf during the season; only at spring training.

— Yogi Berra

As a young cartoonist, Walt Disney faced many rejections from newspaper editors who said he had no talent. One day a minister at a church hired him to draw some cartoons. Disney was working out of a small rodent-infested shed near the church. Seeing a small mouse inspired him to draw a new cartoon. That was the start of Mickey Mouse.

— Shiv Khera

If Mickey Mouse could fly, he'd be Donald Duck.

— Janet Evanovich

The golden age of Luncheon Vouchers ended ten years
ago. For ten years Mickey had been saying, "The golden
age of Luncheon Vouchers is over." And that's what Archie
loved about O'Connell's. Everything was remembered,
nothing was lost. History was never revised or
reinterpreted, adapted or whitewashed. It was as solid and
as simple as the encrusted egg on the clock.

— Zadie Smith

The basic idea for what became 'Epic Mickey' began at the Disney Think Tank.

— Warren Spector

Another guy barked orders to a small army of brooms, mops, and buckets that were scuttling around, cleaning up the city.
"Like that cartoon," Sadie said. "Where Mickey Mouse tries to do magic and the brooms keep splitting and toting water."
"'The Sorcerer's Apprentice,'" Zia said. "You do know that was based on an Egyptian story, don't you?

— Rick Riordan

It occurs to me as we're all sitting here thinking of Mickey, he's probably somewhere getting an earful from Casey Stengel, and no doubt quite confused by now.

— Bob Costas

I did meet Mickey Mouse in California, and he seems to be writing the Labour party's economic policy at the moment.

— George Osborne

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