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Quotes About Mean Friends

What exactly does that expression mean, friends with benefits? Does he provide her with health insurance?
— Chuck Lorre —

People love dogs. This is, I hope, the least surprising sentence you will read in this book. I myself have had long discussions with my dog friends, and by that I mean my friends who are dogs.

— Bill Nye

Ialways think it's funny when Indians celebrate Thanksgiving. I mean, sure, the Indians and Pilgrims were best friends during the first Thanksgiving, but a few years later, the Pilgrims were shooting Indians.
So I'm never quite sure why we eat Turkey like everybody else. (101)

— Sherman Alexie

The older you get the more realistic it is that you're significant other is your significant other. I mean, you'll always have your girlfriends or your guy friends, but the person you're married to is usually your No. 1.

— Ellen Pompeo

That guy back there had a gun," Christopher went on. "Brandon Stark didn't even have a gun, and he managed to kidnap you just by threatening to do mean things to your friends. How do you think you're going to cope with his dad, who's a real gangster?"
"Well," I said. Suddenly, I didn't feel quite so encouraged. There were actual tears in my eyes. "That's why this time I'm asking you for help. I know I can't do it alone anymore. I need you, Christopher."
"You're damn right you do," he said. "It's about time you realized it.

— Meg Cabot

I just have some restaurants to just go and eat there. Do mean places to watch people? I like to go shopping look for guitars and stuff with my friends. Look at Meyer, great old instruments, talk about pedals and stuff.

— Jason Schwartzman

Gabby thinks of all the times she and her friends have discussed people who have been caught having affairs. None of the them have ever understood it. Just because you're married doesn't mean you'll never been attracted to anyone else, Gabby has always said. But the point is that you have a choice, and you should choose to do the right thing; you shouldn't act on your attraction.

— Jane Green

One day. my kids are gonna be like, 'What do you mean, gay people couldn't get married?' Just like most of my friends are black, and I find it hard to believe that my great-grandmother and even my grandmother couldn't hang out with black kids when they were young.

— Miley Cyrus

A lot of music for me was about - I mean aside from the fun and challenge of writing and being really good friends with my bandmates - getting to perform.

— Carrie Brownstein

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