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Quotes About Mates

But will they be together again? If theyre reborn as new people with no memory of their previous lives, how can they find each other?" "Soul mates will always find each other. Do not weep on their behalf ... they will be together again." "Do you promise?" Linas voice trembled with emotion. "I promise, sweet one. I promise.
— P.C. Cast —

He held up his index finger. "Rule one: in any dispute between mates, the
male is always to blame, even when he is clearly blameless. Rule two"-his middle finger joined the
first-"whenever in doubt, refer to rule one.

— C.L. Wilson

It's two lovers that continue to hold each other close but move in life as if they aren't their soul mates because it is deemed necessary.

— Alyse M. Gardner

Contempt mates well with pity.

— Gloria Naylor

Of course, Storm-Lord! But why would a god marry a poor farm girl?" asked one of the bound novices, his voice thin and chirping as an insect.
"All things must eventually mate," I shrugged, "having been cast into a man's flesh I must do as flesh does. And it hardly matters whether one mates with a woman or a rock or a river - the end result is the same. Once all the world wed stones and trees - but this is a degenerate age, and no one keeps to tradition.

— Catherynne M. Valente

There was no mistaking what the feeling of fullness in his heart meant. They were mates and were bound together. Forever. Wharick's green eyes closed for a moment as he absorbed the feeling of completeness their bond provided his spirit.

— Madison Thorne Grey

I'm not going to pass out-"
He cut her off with a kiss. "If you did, I'd catch you." Gods, he'd laugh at either of his brothers if they said that to their mates, the pussywhipped idiots.

— Larissa Ione

Man with Brain the Size of Tic Tac Mates with Amoeba Couple gives birth to giant adjusto; names him Dale

— Chris Crutcher

Our lives are shaped as profoundly by personality as by gender or race. And the single most important aspect of personality-the "north and south of temperament," as one scientist puts it-is where we fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum. Our place on this continuum influences our choice of friends and mates, and how we make conversation, resolve differences, and show love. It affects the careers we choose and whether or not we succeed at them. It governs how likely we are to exercise, commit adultery, function well without sleep, learn from our mistakes, place big bets in the stock market, delay gratification, be a good leader, and ask "what if."* It's reflected in our brain pathways, neurotransmitters, and remote corners of our nervous systems. Today introversion and extroversion are two of the most exhaustively researched subjects in personality psychology, arousing the curiosity of hundreds of scientists.

— Susan Cain

You're on your own out there with ten mates.

— Michael Owen

In the hollow tree, in the old gray tower,
The spectral Owl doth dwell;
Dull, hated, despised, in the sunshine hour,
But at the dusk
he's abroad and well!
Not a bird of the forest e'er mates with him
All mock him outright, by day:
But at night, when the woods grow still and dim,
The boldest will shrink away!
O, when the night falls, and roosts the fowl,
Then, then, is the reign of the Horned Owl!

— Bryan Procter

I'm ... incredibly open with my mates. Or even people I just meet.

— Keira Knightley

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