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Id been in Sacramento a day and already noticed the pervasiveness of its homeless problem. The city seemed like California without the masks or pretense: a place where dreams were occasionally made but mostly torn apart.
— Tom Bissell —

For some young artists, it can take a bit of time to discover which tools (which medium, or genre, or career pathway) will truly suit them best. For me, although many different art forms attract me, the tools that I find most natural and comfortable are language and oil paint; I've also learned that as someone with a limited number of spoons it's best to keep my toolbox clean and simple. My husband, by contrast, thrives with a toolbox absolutely crowded to bursting, working with language, voice, musical instruments, puppets, masks animated on a theater stage, computer and video imagery, and half a dozen other things besides, no one of these tools more important than the others, and all somehow working together. For other artists, the tools at hand might be needles and thread; or a jeweller's torch; or a rack of cooking spices; or the time to shape a young child's day ...
To me, it's all art, inside the studio and out. At least it is if we approach our lives that way.

— Terri Windling

It was as if there were but one woman in the world, laughing at him from behind a dozen masks.

— Kim Newman

There's something about New York City that gives you permission to just be. There's no need for pretense, no need for masks. You can be real, without risk. The buildings are your protectors, the streets are your tethers. The people ... you will never see them again. Even when they're right in front of you, you don't see them. Not really. Just as they don't really see you. New York is beautifully anonymous.

— Jessica Verdi

Masks beneath masks until suddenly the bare bloodless skull.

— Salman Rushdie

Outside, the ocean was crashing, waves hitting sand, then pulling back to sea. I thought of everything being washed away, again and again. We make such messes in this life, both accidentally and on purpose. But wiping the surface clean doesn't really make anything neater. It just masks what is below. It's only when you really dig down deep, go underground, that you can see who you really are.

— Sarah Dessen

Mal adjusted his hood to better hide his face and tipped up his mask, then reached forward and did the same with mine. He leaned in. Our jackal masks bumped snouts.
I started to laugh.
"Next time, different costumes," he grumbled.
"Bigger hats?

— Leigh Bardugo

We try to ease our pain with anger. But anger isn't strength. It only masks itself as strength. It's weakness. At its core, it's fear. Fear of facing what might be truth

— Richard Paul Evans

Volcanic ash will be experienced in all parts of your world, as the volcanoes around your earth are simultaneously activated. Face masks and goggles will be of great value

— Esther Hicks

Choosing the right mask helps you ... We went through many masks. It was very particular leather that as soon as you smudged it, you had to get a new one. We went through about 55 masks.

— Gerard Butler

I've lived so deep under masks, my interior was built to satisfy me alone - I have lived almost 60 years alone, mentally, and quite content to have it so.

— Alice Hastings Bradley

The Left masks its distaste for the Bible's condemnation of homosexuality in a straw man argument that Bible believers are violent bigots. They are not. Citing the Bible doesn't make you a bigot against human beings - it makes you a bigot against sin, which is a good thing.

— Ben Shapiro

When I'm on set, I'm on set, and I focus and get the work done. Then when I'm done, I kind of have this button that I switch. I'm constantly switching this button and putting on different masks, and that kind of keeps me organized.

— Hayley Kiyoko

Why my wife owned a shotgun, I had no idea. Or ski masks. Neither of us had ever skied. But she didn't explain and I didn't ask. Married life is weird, I felt.

— Haruki Murakami

There's another issue here - and I have some limits as to what I can say - but there's some real question as to the viability of the chemical masks, the protective gear used by our soldiers.

— Christopher Shays

But a spider was, after all, only a spider. Perhaps at the end, when the masks of horror were laid aside, there was nothing with which the human mind could not cope.

— Stephen King

She had never imagined that curiosty was one of the many masks of love .

— Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez

My final prayer:
O my body, make of me always a man who questions!"
- Frantz Fanon, "Black Skin, White Masks

— Frantz Fanon

No matter the masks we wear, we always end up together.

— Jodi Meadows

The Universe wants to play. Those who refuse out of dry spiritual greed & choose pure contemplation forfeit their humanity - those who refuse out of dull anguish, those who hesitate, lose their chance at divinity - those who mold themselves blind masks of Ideas & thrash around seeking some proof of their own solidity end by seeing out of dead men's eyes.

— Hakim Bey

We never get far from wealth and all of its masks when we deal with power.

— Frank Herbert

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