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Quotes About Malice

The malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous.
— Winston S. Churchill —

I can't judge any of you. I have no malice against you and no ribbons for you. But I think that it is high time that you all start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live in.

— Charles Manson

I think I was a little disappointed in her. I expected then people to be more of a piece than I do now, and I was distressed to find so much vindictiveness in so charming a creature. I did not realize how motley are the qualities that go to make up a human being. Now I am well aware that pettiness and grandeur, malice and charity, hatred and love, can find place side by side in the same human heart.

— W. Somerset Maugham

Notice the malice toward an independent man. Look back at your own life. Howard, and at the people you've met. They know. They're afraid. You're a reproach.

— Ayn Rand

Man's life is militia against man's malice.

— Baltasar Gracian Y Morales

If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang.

— Charley Reese

Well, all I can say is that people know I'm not saying anything out of malice.

— Charles Barkley

At home, a man is entitled to raise his voice maybe once a year, if something really gets under his skin. At work, it's different. I raise my voice all the time. Not out of malice, but to get things right. It's never personal.

— Charlie Trotter

The malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous.

— Winston S. Churchill

I never saw men act with such ignorance, violence and self-serving malice as when energised by a just cause.

— Joe Abercrombie

Wit loses its point when dipped in malice.

— Richard Brinsley Sheridan

One can overlook stupidity, until it evolves into malice.

— Lizabeth Scott

The happiest man is he who has no trace of malice in his soul. PLATO

— Matthieu Ricard

We went to the door and I let Asha in. I expected an uberawkward moment when he and Vayl met. But Asha took care of that problem right away. "So you belong to Jasmine," he said in his melancholy voice. It somehow delivered Vayl his deepest condolences without bearing a trace of malice toward me.

— Jennifer Rardin

Those two wholesome defects of the French people, malice and curiosity, both of which are essential to its greatness.

— Marthe Bibesco

He that applauds him who does not deserve praise, is endeavoring to deceive the public; he that hisses in malice or sport, is an oppressor and a robber.

— Samuel Johnson

In the dark colony of night, when I consider man's magnificent capacity for malice, madness, folly, envy, rage, and destructiveness, and I wonder whether we shall not end up as breakfast for newts and polyps, I seem to hear the muffled cries of all the words in all the books with covers closed.

— Leo Rosten

Never attribute to malice or other deliberate decision what can be explained by human frailty, imperfection, or ignorance.

— Harold S. Kushner

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