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Quotes About Mahabharata

For us the chief point of interest is the place where the game is played. Generatly it is a simple circle, dyutamandalam, drawn on the ground. The circle as such, however, has a magic significance. It is drawn with great care, all sorts of precautions being taken against cheating. The players are not allowed to leave the ring until they have discharged their obligations. But, sometimes a special hall is provisionally erected for the game, and this hall is holy ground. The Mahabharata devotes a whole chapter to the erection of the dicing hall - sabha - where the Pandavas are to meet their prtners. Games, of chance, therefore, have their serious side. They are included in ritual.
— Johan Huizinga —

Widespread criticisms of jihad in Islam and the so-called sword verses in the Quran have unearthed for fair-minded Christians difficult questions about Christianity's own traditions of holy war and 'texts of terror.' Like Hinduism's Mahabharata epic, the Bible devotes entire books to war and rumors thereof. Unlike the Quran, however, it contains hardly any rules for how to conduct a just war.

— Stephen R. Prothero

In Tharoor's hands [the story of modern India] is transformed into Mahabharata magic ... Endlessly inventive, irreverent, wise, ingenious, ... it takes on at one level or another the entire panorama of modern India ... Energetic and eventful.

— M. G. Vassanji

The author of the Mahabharata has not established the necessity of physical warfare; on the contrary he has proved its futility.

— Mahatma Gandhi

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