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Quotes About Loving A Game

Many bad golfers marry, feeling that a wifes loving solicitude may improve their game. But they are rugged, thick-skinned men, not sensitive and introspective. It is one of the chief merits of golf that non-success at the game induces a certain amount of decent humilty, which keeps a man from pluming himself too much on any petty triumphs he may achieve in other walks of life.
— P.G. Wodehouse —

It is not true that the more you love, the better you understand; all that the action of love obtains from me is merely this wisdom: that the other is not to be known; his opacity is not the screen around a secret, but. instead, a kind of evidence in which the game of reality and appearance' is done away with. I am then seized with that exaltation of loving someone unknown, someone who will re-
main so forever: a mystic impulse: I know what I do not know.

— Roland Barthes

I'm just a guy that grew up in a total fun-loving environment. I try to create that everywhere I go. Basically what I'm doing is a reflection of me as an individual, me naturally. I'm not staging or putting on anything. I think my approach to the game is an all-out approach, whatever it takes to win. I've always been that way.

— Dave Parker

It's going to be an interesting ride, seeing who they become in the next four years.
Interesting for you, she said. You're in the stands, watching the game. I'm down on the field, taking the hits. I'm terrified something will go wrong.
What can go wrong? They're smart, curious, loving kids. They've got everything going for them.

— Kristin Hannah

Esau was an hunter - And a man that knew how to live by his wits, for he was a cunning hunter. A man of the field - All for the game, and never so well but as when he was in pursuit of it. And Jacob was a plain man - An honest man, that dealt fairly. And dwelt in tents - Either, As a shepherd, loving that safe and silent employment of keeping sheep, to which also he bred up his children, Gen 46:34. Or, As a student, he frequented the tents of Melchizedek or Heber, as some understand it, to be taught by them divine things.

— John Wesley

I cannot think that a player genuinely loving the game can get pleasure just from the number of points scored no matter how impressive the total. I will not speak of myself, but for the masters of the older generation, from whose games we learned, the aesthetic side was the most important. -

— Alexander Kotov

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