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Quotes About Love Each Other

All of us from The Waltons still love each other. I think were closer than some real families.
— Michael Learned —

If two people love the same thing, she reasoned, then they must love each other, at least a little, even if they never say it.

— Susan Vreeland

If two people who love each other Ares soul mates, then there will always be a empty hole in my soul waiting for you..

— Trevor Lease

A man without god is a lost man. Every man believe in something. We CANT live by ourselves thinking only in money and possesions. We HAVE to live WITH others and love each other, and NEVER hate, because when you hate someone, you destroy your soul a little bit every day, and when the last day of our live come, we dont have the energy or the strenght to forgive, and repent of our sins, and thats whats kill us FOREVER, leading us to a eternal prision inside us, called "Hell". Hope you understand my perspective of life, that I assume is right.

— Cesar

They begin the hard work of learning to love each other without the euphoria of the "in love" obsession.

— Gary Chapman

... we're twins, and so we love each other more than other people ...

— Louisa May Alcott

Love each other or perish.

— Mitch Albom

Life's too short. We have to love each other.

— Drew Barrymore

On ladies' nights they watch frozen-faced while their men embrace and fool about commenting to each other that they are all overgrown boys. Of the love of fellows they know nothing. They cannot love each other in this easy, innocent, spontaneous way because they cannot love themselves.

— Germaine Greer

Well, it's kind of like that classic sort of trajectory in this kind of movie where there's conflict and they're estranged and they kind of grow to love each other but they don't show it. Then at the end - it's kind of like that. But I think the characters are more interesting than that.

— Mary-Louise Parker

In the realm of the higher astral, it's just fun. We're on the honeymoon and we love each other so much that we can't keep our hands off each other and everything is wonderful. It doesn't last; it's a honeymoon.

— Frederick Lenz

In Europe men and women have intercourse because they love each other. In the South Seas they love each other because they have had intercourse. Who is right?

— Paul Gauguin

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