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Quotes About Looking Into My Eyes

Um. So ... Are we going to study?" Jase slides his thumbs behind my ears, rubbing the hollow at their base. Hes only inches from my face, still looking into my eyes. "You bet. Im studying you.
— Huntley Fitzpatrick —

She's one you *really* care about, isn't she?"
Eliot shook his head. "How can you read other people so well, and completely misread me?"
Frowning, Sophie asked, "What do you mean?"
Looking right into her eyes, Eliot said, "I care about *all* of them.

— Keith R.A. DeCandido

Reed lifts his lips from mine, and looking into my eyes, he murmurs, I want those thousand years with you, Evie, you have no idea how much I want them. I want a thousand years, and then I want a hundred thousand more.

— Amy A. Bartol

He came forward, holding his belt by one hand. The holes in it marked the progress of his emaciation and the leather at one side had a lacquered look to it where he was used to stropping the blade of his knife. He stepped down into the roadcut and he looked at the gun and he looked at the boy. Eyes collared in cups of grime and deeply sunk. Like an animal inside a skull looking out the eyeholes. He wore a beard that had been cut square across the bottom with shears and he had a tattoo of a bird on his neck done by someone with an illformed notion of their appearance. He was lean, wiry, rachitic. Dressed in a pair of filthy blue coveralls and a black billcap with the logo of some vanished enterprise embroidered across the front of it.

— Cormac McCarthy

He's rigged a tiny cassette player with a small set of foam earphones to listen to demo tapes and rough mixes. Occasionally he'll hand the device to Mindy, wanting her opinion, and each time, the experience of music pouring directly against her eardrums - hers alone - is a shock that makes her eyes well up; the privacy of it, the way it transforms her surroundings into a golden montage, as if she were looking back on this lark in Africa with Lou from some distant future.

— Jennifer Egan

We can't leave the snow all bloody," I told the underside of his chin,shadowed with stubble. "It will scare the tourists."
"The new snow will cover it up." He looked down at me."Shhh."
Something in his Shhh tugged at my heart. He kept watchiing me,not examining m ear for medical emergencies but looking into my eyes,for a few more steps. I couldn't read his look.He was kind of blurry,for one thing,and I was kind of dizzy. I thought he looked..concerned. Sympathetic. Determined to rescue me from danger. I wished that was what he felt. But it couldn't have been.I was misreading him.

— Jennifer Echols

Maybe it was the angle, but her fawn's eyes, looking up at me, seemed larger than ever. I had to make an effort to keep my balance lest I fall into them.

— Jerry Spinelli

I turned anxiously, looking for him so that I could give him a giant hug. yet, as my eyes searched the room, it wasn't Adrian's face I suddenly found myself looking into.
It was Robert Doru's.
And Victor Dashkov was with him.

— Richelle Mead

She couldn't tell where his pupils ended and the irises began; looking into those eyes was like looking into a well where children had drowned.

— MaryJanice Davidson

Hi" he said
"I'd like to kiss you" He waited a moment for my response, then added, "Or, if you rather, we can dance, as long as we can get you unstuck."
"I think I'm in deep."
"Me, too," he said, looking into my eyes.
His head moved closer to mine. Then he lifted his hand, cupping my cheek ever so gently. His lips touched my lips, light as a butterfly, once, twice.
The kisses were so lovely, so lovely I couldn't help it-I did a totally stupid, uncool thing. I sighed.
I heard the laughter rumbling inside Nick and I started to pull away. But his arms wrapped around me. He held me close and pressed his lips against mine. A thrill went through me. I kissed him back-I didn't think about it, just kissed him with all that my heart felt.

— Elizabeth Chandler

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