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Quotes About Looking For God

Ill admit, Jasnah, that I empathize with your skepticism, but I dont agree with it. I just think youve been looking for God in the wrong places." "I suppose that youre going to tell me where you think I should look." "Youll find God in the same place youre going to find salvation from this mess," Wit said. "Inside the hearts of men." "Curiously," Jasnah said, "I believe I can actually agree with that, though I suspect for different reasons than you imply.
— Brandon Sanderson —

A giant once lived in that body. But Matt Brady got lost. Because he was looking for God too high up and too far away.

— Jerome Lawrence

Hagar sat in full anticipation of her son's death, and instead of looking to what God had given her, she surrendered to the fear. Is it possible that the well is right beside you but you haven't seen it because your head is hung in grief? Are you so focused on what you think is missing that you don't see what is present? Maybe you need to ask the Lord to illuminate what it is He wants you to see. It's possible that what you have seen as the end of the road is actually an opportunity to open your eyes and see something you haven't.

— Angie Smith

Eternity is like God looking into a mirror.

— Evans Biya

God Himself met my needs, which freed me up from looking for "life" from people. I was free to serve, pray, and give in my relationships.

— Kelly Minter

Stop looking for the path of least resistance and start running down the path of greatest glory to God and good to others, because that's what Jesus, the Real Man, did.

— Mark Driscoll

It would figure the best looking guy on this ward is gay ... and he has a sexier than sin boyfriend ... I swear to God I'm going to turn into a man. It's the only way.

— Crystal Rose

What god are you looking for in a dark street apart from the streetlight which illuminates your way? Everything helps you to live is already your god!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

I'm not looking for God, only for myself, and that is far more complicated. God has a great deal written about Him; nothing has been written about me.

— Jeanette Winterson

[A] good Christian does not care for miracles very much, because a miracle is God looking after His own affairs, and we prefer looking after them for Him.

— Georges Bernanos

If you think God looks only one way or sounds only one way or is only one way, you're going to look right past Me night and day. You'll spend your whole life looking for God and not finding Her. Because you're looking for a Him.

— Neale Donald Walsch

Looking for God-or Heaven-by exploring space is like reading or seeing all Shakespeare's plays in the hope that you will find Shakespeare as one of the characters ...

— C.S. Lewis

The greatest weakness in the church today is that the servants of God keep looking over their shoulder for the approval of men.

— R.C. Sproul

I we are looking for God or an opportunity to learn and enrich our lives in every situation, we will find that, but if we are looking for how am I enjoying or suffering, we are subject to endless frustration

— Radhanath Swami

Any man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.

— Graham Greene

I'm not looking for peace on earth through a political solution. I'm a pastor. The Bible talks about three kinds of peace. There is peace with God. There's the peace of God. And there's peace with each other.

— Rick Warren

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