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Quotes About Life Once

Life once conceived, must be protected with the utmost care; abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes.
— Pope Francis —

Life is full of uncertainties, perhanps one day some unforeseen circumstance would bring her into his life once more

— Murasaki Shikibu

People so often loose sight of the magic in life once they understand how it works.

— Thomas Rogal II

I lost my cohort twice; once in life, once in death to a Graecus named Percy Jackson.

— Rick Riordan

The reel of your real life unwound only once.

— John Updike

I'm funny on camera sometimes. In life, once in a while. Once in a while.

— Gene Wilder

Living life ONCE is enough ... if you live life RIGHT.

— John Paul Warren

I do think there are trends in your life once you've been auditioning long enough. I was the angry teenager and then the sweet victim.

— Merritt Wever

The reason they don't ask me when they're having kids, of course, is because men can, pretty much, carry on a normal life once they've had a baby.

— Caitlin Moran

You no longer need other people in your life once you have found your true love.

— Cassandra Clare

I'd killed him in the end, but revenge only makes things all better in the movies. In real life, once the villain is dead the trauma lives on inside the victims.

— Laurell K. Hamilton

Fondle the woman in your life once for every thousand times you play with your private parts. That should be just about right.

— Barbara Graham

Happiness can be woven into every aspect of life once you make new choices.

— Deepak Chopra

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