Quotes About Life Goals

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Quotes About Life Goals

Writing fiction is a way of expressing feelings and revealing a certain truth about life, goals, dreams and desires.
— Ann Marie Aguilar —

The challenge of life is regretless decision making, relentless pursuit of vision with faith, forgiving others, enduring pain with a smile & achieving goals with an extra MILE

— Sujit Lalwani

That's one of my real goals is to keep theater in my life.

— Finn Wittrock

A life without goals is like flotsam that is governed by the tides and winds of fate.

— Steven Redhead

As long as you think there is a pretty good chance that you will achieve some of your dreams, as long as you think you have a shot at success, you experience your inner emptiness as "drive" and your anxiety as "hope." And so you can remain almost completely oblivious to how deep your thirst actually is. Most of us tell ourselves that the reason we remain unfulfilled is because we simply haven't been able to achieve our goals. And so we can live almost our entire lives without admitting to ourselves the depth of our spiritual thirst. And that is why the few people in life who actually do reach or exceed their dreams are shocked to discover that these longed-for circumstances do not satisfy. Indeed they can enhance the inner emptiness by their presence.

— Timothy Keller

The story of the entrepreneur ... is the story of forward progress, of pursuing one's dreams and goals no matter how outlandish they seem to others. The entrepreneur, like the pioneer, pushes boundaries in search of what's new, what's next. Sometimes, he brings the whole society with him, rushing forward together into a next phase of our communal human life.

— Sam Wyly

Busy is good, isn't it? Busy means we're hard at it, achieving our ends or "goals." Haven't had time to stop, or look around or think. That's considered the sign of a life well lived ... Suppose, though, you're not sure that what you're doing is at all worthwhile. Suppose you blundered into it over a spoonful of lime pickle. It's easy, it pays quite well. But really it's a distraction. It stops you thinking about what you ought to be doing.

— Sebastian Faulks

Good design is a visual statement that maximizes the life goals of the people in a given culture (or, more realistically, the goals of a certain subset of people in the culture) that draws on a shared symbolic expression for the ordering of such goals.

— Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Like an enemy I knew as intimately as any friend, I came to know the nagging, constant emptiness of the incongruent life. I ignored myself and lived for people, purposes, and goals that weren't my own. I betrayed who I was and instead accepted a fictional substitute that was defined from the outside in.

— Phil McGraw

Your busy schedule has plenty of quantity. Think of how you could give it some true quality and meaning. Consider the people, the beliefs, the goals, the things which are really imp9ortant to you. Make time for them, not someday, but right now. Don't just fill your schedule. Fill your life.

— Ralph Marston

Four times a year withdraw for three to four hours for the purpose of reorienting your life goals

— Richard J. Foster

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