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Quotes About Kisses From Him

Youre the mayfly, he murmurs. And then Evan Walker kisses me. Holding my hand across his chest, his other hand sliding across my neck, his touch feathery soft, sending a shiver that travels down my spine into my legs, which are having a hard time keeping me upright. I can feel his heart slamming against my palm and I can smell his breath and feel the stubble on his upper lip, a sandpapery contrast to the softness of his lips, and Evan is looking at me and Im looking back at him.
— Rick Yancey —

He spoke rapidly in-between his tender kisses. I love you. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. The women ... I was so scared to touch you. You didn't want me ... I couldn't take the pain. I tried to get over you. Every time with them, I was with you. I'm so sorry ... I love you.

— S.C. Stephens

I'll always hold you when you're scared." He softly kisses my jaw. "Comfort you when you're sad." His lips brush against my cheeks. "Take care of you when you're sick." Tilting my head back, he kisses my forehead. He bends down and his hazel eyes narrow into mine. "I'll make it my life's mission to make up for every second you were neglected.

— J.B. Salsbury

When a clandestine couple kisses, it is much more likely that sex will immediately follow. This is because there is much more risk. Once you have kissed secretly, it is very difficult not to have sex. It would be impolite not to have sex. You have to show that you are serious about each other.

— Adam Thirlwell

I take his hand and pull him back to me, stealing another kiss, smiling against his lips as he kisses me back.
And kisses me again.
And then some more.
And I know he is mine. For now, for the rest of our lives, no matter what comes next.

— Stacey Jay

Oh, those warm days of stumbling words; blinded eyes, embracing in sweet slow dances and sipping courage from a bottle for sneaking kisses.

— Kellie Elmore

Knowing what Dan's face had looked like in Kabul, the night they'd spent in the hotel room. What he'd said. My light, my life, my sanity, my love. Nothing of that had been wrong. Not the sex, the kisses, the teenager oaths of staying together, always, rain, shine, life, death. I'd die for you. Live for me. Hold me. Fucking hold me.

— Aleksandr Voinov

As our kissing progresses, I don't care that our tryst seems raunchy and wrong. I don't care that I'm at school, in the boy's bathroom. I don't care that to most people this would seem cheap, dirty, and despicable. The only thing I can think about while he kisses me deeper, harder, faster, is that Henry Garner is the plague and the only thing I want him to do is infect me.

— Lauren Hammond

Sleep now, gorgeous girl, he whispers, and he kisses my hair.

— E.L. James

He kisses me back. His fingers twine in mine and I'm dizzy and he's holding me up and everything is clear and everything is grand, again. Our kiss turns the world to dust. There is only us and nothing else matters

— E. Lockhart

Written kisses don't reach their destination, rather they are drunk on the way by the ghosts.

— Franz Kafka

He walked to Brooks's, intending to drink a glass of port, eat a joint of beef, and read the Times. But
even at his club, surrounded by all the trappings of the honorable British gentleman, he still longed for the
forbidden fruit; he still hungered for the hot, sweet kisses of an Italian girl.

— Laura Lee Guhrke

But here the correlation with Beauty and the Beast ends. In the fable, the beauty kisses the beast. In the Bible, the beauty does much more. He becomes the beast so the beast can become the beauty. Jesus changes places with us. We, like Adam, were under a curse, but Jesus "changed places with us and put himself under that curse" (Gal. 3:13).

— Max Lucado

The kisses felt like first kisses. Kisses that said I could start over if I wanted to. With him.

— Jay Asher

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