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Quotes About Killing To Survive

Were a people at war, she began, voice loud and clear. Were constantly attacked—but not just by Strigoi. By one another. Were divided. We fight with one another. Family against family. Royal against non-royal. Moroi against dhampir. Of course the Strigoi are picking us off. Theyre at least united behind a goal: killing. [ ... ] We are one people, she continued. Moroi and dhampir alike. Yeah, that got some gasps too. And while its impossible for every single person to get their way, no one will get anything done if we dont come together and find ways to meet in the middle—even if it means making hard choices. [ ... ] Weve kept magic alongside technology. We conduct these sessions with scrolls and—with these. She smiled and tapped her microphone. Thats how we have survived. We hold onto our Thats how we have survived. Thats how we will survive.
— Richelle Mead —

Humans are only one species of millions. To kill millions of species for the benefit of one is insane, just as killing millions of people for the benefit of one person would be insane. And since unimpeded ecological collapse would kill off humans anyway, those species will ultimately have died for nothing, and the planet will take millions of years to recover. Rapid collapse is ultimately good for humans because at least some people survive. And remember, the people who need the system to come down the most are the rural poor in the majority of the world: the faster the actionists can bring down industrial civilization, the better the prospects for those people and their landbases. Regardless, without immediate action, everyone dies.

— Aric McBay

Eloise?' Phillip asked, his brows shooting up when they both heard someone bellow her name.
She felt the blood drain from her body. Positively felt it, *knew* it had happened, even though she couldn't see it pooling about her feet. There was no way she could survive a moment such as this, no way she could make it through without killing someone, preferably someone to whom she was quite closely related.

— Julia Quinn

So much of life hurt, so much of it had been lost. The only way I knew how to survive was to shut everything off, or at least try to. To bury everything I felt down deep inside me, hiding the happiness along with the sadness. But it was killing me. I was exhausted from fighting it, from trying to keep everything inside me inside. And as much as I'd tried to do this all on my own, the one thing I knew for sure was that I couldn't. I needed people.

— Amanda Hocking

What we discovered, counter-intuitively, is that when you start killing a cancer cell, one of the things it does in order to survive is to spread even further. It causes itself to form new blood vessels. We've termed this 'reactionary angiogenesis.'

— Patrick Soon-Shiong

You know, when you go into the store and buy a box of laundry detergent, and the price has gone up - you know, 50 cents because of regulations ... And everything is costing more money, and we are killing our people like this ... It's the evil government that is putting all these regulations on us so that we can't survive.

— Benjamin Carson

Fear is killing us, but true love can survive. If we cooperate, we can beat doubt. But first, rebuild trust. Take responsibility. Happiness is still free, though not always apparent when it's right in front of us. So keep calm, it's gonna get better.

— Patrick Stump

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