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Quotes About Kasparov

I just think we should look at this as a chess match," he said, "between the worlds greatest chess player and Garry Kasparov.
— Lou Gerstner —

After that, Kasparov stepped back from chess which is, and I want this to be clear, not good for chess in general at all. As a whole, the current situation in the chess world leaves a lot to be desired.

— Anatoly Karpov

If, in our first match for the world champion's title, I had managed to make the score 6-0, there would have been no Kasparov as a good chess player at all.

— Anatoly Karpov

Boris Spassky Quotes: Recently i saw kasparov and he looked to
Recently I saw Kasparov and he looked to me as still young and potent champion.

— Boris Spassky

One of the things that first attracted me to chess is that it brings you into contact with intelligent, civilized people - men of the stature of Garry Kasparov, the former world champion, who was my part-time coach.

— Magnus Carlsen

Vladimir Kramnik Quotes: At some point he seemed to lose all
At some point he seemed to lose all confidence trying to break down the Berlin Wall. He was still fighting as only Kasparov can, but I could see it in his eyes that he knew he wasn't going to win one of these games.

— Vladimir Kramnik

As for the sport, even there Kasparov couldn't resist a sideswipe. Most of the gold in Sochi will go to Switzerland, but into secret bank accounts.

— Anonymous.

Anatoly Karpov, his by-the-book opponent, was too conservative to pressure Kasparov early in the game, so Kasparov put the pressure on himself with a Queen's Gambit-and won.

— Christopher McDougall

I feel that my relationship with Kasparov now is much the same as it had been before the match - good. As for his reaction, well it can't be nice to lose your title after so long, but he was very generous.

— Vladimir Kramnik

By the mid-1990s the number of people with some experience of using computers was many orders of magnitude greater than in the 1960s. In the Kasparov defeat they recognized that here was a great triumph for programmers, but not one that may compete with the human intelligence that helps us to lead our lives.

— Igor Aleksander

The Nanjing games are homework by Garry Kasparov and me, [ ... ] Today's game was provided by Garry.

— Magnus Carlsen

Playing black, I put great stake in the Ruy Lopez: I liked it, feel it, and understand it; in matches with Hjartarson and Timman it served me well. - on preparing for World Championship versus Garry Kasparov

— Anatoly Karpov

Look at Garry Kasparov. After he loses, invariably he wins the next game. He just kills the next guy. That's something that we have to learn to be able to do

— Maurice Ashley

Bobby Fischer Quotes: I object to being called a chess genius
I object to being called a chess genius, because I consider myself to be an all around genius, who just happens to play chess, which is rather different. A piece of garbage like Kasparov might be called a chess genius, but he is like an idiot savant, outside of chess he knows nothing.

— Bobby Fischer

I studied that first Karpov-Kasparov match for a year and a half before I cracked it, what they were doing, and discovered that it was all prearranged move-by-move. There's no doubt of it in my mind.

— Bobby Fischer

Neil McDonald Quotes: If your opponent has an exposed king it
If your opponent has an exposed king it is frequently worth sacrificing a pawn to be able to bring your rooks into the game, especially if your opponent's rooks are languishing in the corner. Kasparov has made a career out of such sacrifices.

— Neil McDonald

Unlike my esteemed colleague Garry Kasparov, I don't restrict the strength of opposition to Elo <2000, as fly-swatting makes poor spectator sport. (on simultaneous exhibitions)

— Nigel Short

Viktor Korchnoi Quotes: Harry kasparov and anatoly karpov have
[Harry] Kasparov and [Anatoly] Karpov have something in common. They both want to become deputies of the Russian State Duma.

— Viktor Korchnoi

Look at the catastrophic record Vishy Anand has against Garry Kasparov. Kasparov managed to beat him almost everywhere they played, even though Vishy Anand has belonged to the absolute top players in the world for fifteen years. This difference cannot be explained purely in chess terms, there must have been some psychology.

— Vladimir Kramnik

I was going to do a book about the first prearranged Karpov-Kasparov match, '84-'85. But the God-damn Jews have stolen my entire file on that.

— Bobby Fischer

All that now seems to stand between Nigel and the prospect of the world crown is the unfortunate fact that fate brought him into this world only two years after Kasparov.

— Garry Kasparov

Part of my preparation for the World Champion match against Kasparov was to be ready for his off-board tactics. I did not to react to them at all. Once you start thinking about these things during the game, even analysing them, you're caught.

— Vladimir Kramnik

I used to play a lot of chess and competitive chess and study chess and as you get to the grandmasters and learn their styles when you start copying their games like the way they express themselves through ... The way Kasparov or Bobby Fischer expresses themselves through a game of chess is it's astonishing. You can show a chess master one of their games and they'll say "Yeah, that is done by that player."

— Rainn Wilson

Lou Gerstner Quotes: I just think we should look at this as a
I just think we should look at this as a chess match," he said, "between the world's greatest chess player and Garry Kasparov.

— Lou Gerstner

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