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Quotes About Karen

Rich tofu-eaters would move out to the country, buy a small farm that was going under anyway and then not know what to do with it. (See Green Acres and multiply by hundreds of thousands and both members Eva Gabor. But crossed with Karen Carpenter and take away all shreds of common sense.)
— John Ringo —

The veterinarian looked at Buttons for a few seconds, and then he looked up at Karen. He cleared his throat. He said, Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this, but-Buttons-Buttons isn't a dog.

— Laura Kasischke

She's a social worker, Karen," Mac said when I told the group. "She must know something about homosexuality.

— Nancy Garden

Once upon a time Karen saw somebody nobody else could see. She thought to ask an old man: who were you? Once upon a time I thought to dream of medicine. Now I dream of medicine by the sea.

— Nicholaus Patnaude

Life changes, people come and go and seasons never last.
Karen kingsbury # Leaving

— Karen Kingsbury

Karen sighed. "I know. I could never fall for the easy guys either." She looked at Clare. "It's always the difficult ones that get under your skin, isn't it?

— Julia Spencer-Fleming

I cant take it like this much longer, Milt," Karen said muffledly into the big CKC shirt with its male smell, allowing herself the luxury of letting the bars all the way down for once, enjoying for just this moment the eternal degradation of being a woman.
"I cant take it much longer," she whimpered, tasting it, the eternally caught and held hard in the grasp of some man, the forever humiliated heavy weight it was impossible to squirm out from under, the forever helpless except for the mercy of him who always takes what he wants without any, and that all women learn instinctively not to expect [ ... ] That was all they wanted. That was all any of them wanted. You give them the greatest thing you possess, the most intimate secret, and they
just take it. Well, let them have it. Let them all have some of it. Let them root and rut and rowel, as if it was no more important than that why were they all so anxious to keep it away from each other?

— James Jones

They've got this house style which is writer driven. I heard of one person who sent his script in, and Karen Berger said there weren't enough words in it. Put some more in.

— Eddie Campbell

Feel free to go over there and kick them while they're down. When you're done, tell them to clean everything up and head straight to the stables. Aunt Karen will be overjoyed to have two slaves for the next three weeks.

— Ilona Andrews

I went on a Buddha jag. I read 'Confession of a Buddhist Atheist' by Stephen Batchelor and Karen Armstrong's biography of Buddha, which is a great book.

— Denis O'Hare

I like being a storyteller. I'm bored with myself; I like to write about others. I have a lot of names in my songs: Karen, Margaret, Mary Kay. Even if it's about me, I want to put it through someone else. The music is the soundtrack to the story.

— Jill Sobule

When I was growing up, I always saw Karen Millen as a resource for women who were a bit older.

— Sophie Turner

I keep hitting [Escape], but I'm still here!
Unknown, but used by Karen Chance in Hunt the Moon

— Karen Chance

Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?

— Robert De Niro

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