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Quotes About Jump Shot

When people say God blessed me with a beautiful jump shot, it really pisses me off. I tell those people, Dont undermine the work Ive put in every day. Not some days. Every day.
— Ray Allen —

A stranger is shot in the street, you hardly move to help. But if, half an hour before, you spent just ten minutes with the fellow and knew a little about him and his family, you might just jump in front of his killer and try to stop it. Really knowing is good. Not knowing, or refusing to know is bad, or amoral, at least. You can't act if you don't know.

— Ray Bradbury

If you check your ego at the door when it comes to comedy, you've got a pretty good shot at making a great movie that you can commit yourself to, you can jump off the proverbial cliff with, and have a great time, and the audiences respond to that.

— Dwayne Johnson

I wanted to be a sportswriter because I loved sports and I could not hit the curve ball, the jump shot, or the opposing ball carrier.

— Dick Schaap

In 1981, when I went down to visit Georgia Tech, I watched Michael Jordan play and literally get ridiculed for taking a jump shot in the championship game that went off the backboard, and they won. People are forgetting that Michael was just one of the players when they went to the Dream Team.

— John Salley

I think that Paul Gasol is the most skilled big man in the NBA today with his ability to post on either block, the way he runs the floor, and the way he can shoot the mid-range jump shot.

— Doug Collins

I've had jobs that allow me the flexibility to achieve work-life balance, to be there when one of the kids sinks a jump shot or for the parent-teacher meetings. I can move tasks around. If I don't get something done at the office at 4:30 in the afternoon, I can go back to it at 10:00 in the evening.

— Thomas Perez

It's good to have critics because that's what motivates you and helps you take your game to another level, They talked about Michael Jordan and said he didn't have a jump shot. They say the same thing about me ? I can't throw the football and all that. Say whatever you want about me. It makes me strive harder.

— Michael Vick

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