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Quotes About Joy In Serving

I think those who choose to find joy in serving others, those who choose to find their voice, to pursue their vocation and to act on their vision oftentimes have to sacrifice much.Its almost like a crucifixion in terms of the cross you have to bear.
— Cornel West —

When service is unto people, the bones can grow weary, the frustration deep. Because, agrees Dorothy Sayers, "whenever man is made the center of things, he becomes the storm-center of trouble. The moment you think of serving people, you begin to have a notion that other people owe you something for your pains ... You will begin to bargain for reward, to angle for applause ... When the eyes of the heart focus on God, and the hands on always washing the feet of Jesus alone - the bones, they sing joy and the work returns to it's purest state: eucharisteo. The work becomes worship, a liturgy of thankfulness. "The work we do is only our love for Jesus in action" writes Mother Theresa. "If we pray the work ... if we do it to Jesus, if we do it for Jesus, if we do it with Jesus ... that's what makes us content." Deep joy is always in the touching of Christ - in whatever skin He comes to us in. Page 194

— Ann Voskamp

My "heart". Does that pitiful organ still represent anything? It lies motionless in my chest, pumping no blood, serving no purpose, and yet my feelings still seem to originate inside its cold walls. My muted sadness, my vague longing, my rare flickers of joy. They pool in the center of my chest and seep out of there, diluted and faint, but real.

— Isaac Marion

But is work something we have a right to escape? And can we escape it with impunity? We are probably the first entire people ever to think so. All the ancient wisdom that has come down to us counsels otherwise. It tells us that work is necessary to us, as much a part of our condition as mortality; that good work is our salvation and our joy; that shoddy or dishonest or self-serving work is our curse and our doom. We have tried to escape the sweat and sorrow promised in Genesis
only to find that, in order to do so, we must forswear love and excellence, health and joy.

— Wendell Berry

Serving God - what more beautiful thing is there to do! The only real joy is to be a servant of God, and that means being awake all the time to the needs of the moment ... We cannot have any preconceived ideas of what service means. We never know from one moment to the next, what will be asked of us.

— Reshad Feild

Our God created us to find fulfillment and joy in doing His work, in serving others, in living with the compassion of Jesus in this world.

— Darlene Zschech

There is great joy in leading with authority, which is serving others by meeting their legitimate needs.

— James Hunter

Serving others breaks you free from the shackles of self and self-absorption that choke out the joy of living.

— James Hunter

No joy can equal the joy of serving others.

— Sai Baba

Serving throughout the world is a great missionary force going about doing good. Missionaries teach truth. They dispel darkness. They spread joy. They bring precious souls to Christ.

— Thomas S. Monson

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