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Quotes About Journalist

If a tech journalist needs financial security before doing what their conscience dictates, Im not sure they should be calling themselves journalists at all.
— Michael Arrington —

My challenge was even greater as a journalist, because this was happening in my own backyard.

— Paula Zahn

Before journalism, I had worked doing medical aid work in conflict zones. Then, as a journalist, I had written about hospitals in war zones.

— Sheri Fink

As a journalist, I cannot help imagining with excitement a new era with a face-off between Hedi Slimane at YSL and Raf Simons at Dior - a magnificent battle of style and wills to echo the Armani/Versace, Gucci/Prada or even Chanel/Schiaparelli face-offs of earlier years. But I remind myself that this is not a game of chess.

— Suzy Menkes

Don't call me a journalist; I hate the word. It's pretentious!

— Jimmy Breslin

Even after they fired me, called me a bigot and publicly advised me to only share my thoughts with a psychiatrist, I did not call for defunding NPR. I am a journalist, and NPR is an important platform for journalism.

— Juan Williams

Every journalist loves a peaceful protest -whether it makes news, shakes up a political season, or holds out the possibility of altering history.

— Nina Easton

Having been a journalist for thirty-nine years, I've developed a pretty thick skin.

— Pete Earley

What really destroyed Tucker Carlson, respected magazine journalist, was TV. TV exposed him as glib, smug, and not nearly as clever as he thought he was.

— Alex Pareene

I have always had a hard time revising my work as a journalist, which was never much of a problem. You always have editors as backstops. Their job is to perfect your story. Most of them want to be useful.

— Jon Weisman

Although he reputedly hated the label of 'guru', Peter Drucker was, by any standards, the greatest management guru the world has yet seen. In 1996, the McKinsey Quarterly journal described him as the 'the one guru to whom other gurus kowtow' and Robert Heller described him as 'the greatest man in the history of management', praise indeed for a man who described himself as 'just an old journalist'.

— Peter Drucker

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