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Quotes About Jesus The Way

My mother was an ex-nun, and my father was a Franciscan brother, so I grew up believing in Jesus the way anyone would believe in Moms first husband.
— John Fugelsang —

This quarrel over the messianic status of Jesus within first-century Judaism had profound effects on Christianity and prompted it towards a fateful turning point that switched the emphasis from following the way of Jesus to believing things about Jesus. Gradually a Christian came to be thought of not as one who lives and acts in a certain way, but as one who holds certain convictions or theories. The trouble with religious convictions or beliefs is that, since we can rarely prove or disprove them, we get anxious about them and start quarrelling with people whose convictions or theories differ from our own.

— Richard Holloway

Jesus always kept it real: He always responded in a way that led one to the end of ones self and presented one with a clear choice: Will I walk away feeling challenged or will I walk with Him being changed.

— R. Alan Woods

Setting her jaw, Whitney turned left. "This is a one-way street." He looked around helplessly. "Didn't you see the sign?" "I know it's a one-way street," she muttered and pressed harder on the gas. "It's also the quickest way across town." "Oh, Jesus.

— Nora Roberts

If Jesus has all authority, that would mean that Satan has none! We are in Christ, therefore we carry His authority into every circumstance, every geographic location and every situation. The only way that Satan has authority is when we give it to him. That is why he works so hard to get us to empower him through lies, sin or covenant agreements.

— Kris Vallotton

Jesus said, 'Greater things of these you shall do ... ' Become a peace builder, a bridge builder, not a destroyer, and the way you do that is through friendships and relationships, and through authentic character.

— Ravi Zacharias

Jesus is building his Church, not only by constitutions and codes, but by shaping hearts and minds to his way of life. We are a family, not a firm, scattered and yet gathered. Biblical equality is not the endgame; it is one of the means to God's big ending: all things redeemed, all things restored. Jesus feminism is only one thread in God's beautiful woven story of redemption. Begin here: right at the feet of Jesus. Look to Love, and yes, our Jesus-he will guide you in your steps, one after another, in these small ways until you come at last to love the whole world.

— Sarah Bessey

No matter how we come to Jesus-whether we are coming to him for the first time or finding our way back to him after faking it, or even if we have tried to be righteous by adding our own rules to the Bible-we are all in need of his grace and truth.

— Jefferson Bethke

Jesus gives his life for the congregation, not the other way around.

— Rob Walton

There is a friend ever waiting to help us, if we will only unbosom to Him our sorrow,-a friend who pitied the poor, and sick, and sorrowful, when He was upon earth,-a friend who knows the heart of a man, for He lived thirty-three years as a man amongst us,-a friend who can weep with the weepers, for He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief,-a friend who is able to help us, for there never was earthly pain He could not cure. That friend is Jesus Christ. The way to be happy is to be always opening our hearts to Him.

— J.C. Ryle

In some seasons, Jesus asks us, Will you still love Me when things are not happening the way that you thought they would happen?

— Mike Bickle

To be fully human is perhaps why I'm Christian, because I see in the life of Jesus a way of being fully human.

— Barbara Brown Taylor

People need fewer 'ought-to' sermons, and more 'how-to' sermons. The deepest kind of teaching is that which makes a difference in people's day-to-day lives. Jesus spoke to the crowd with an interesting style. When God's Word is taught in an uninteresting way, people don't just think the pastor is boring, they think God is boring!

— Rick Warren

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