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Quotes About Impartiality

Our impartiality is kept for abstract merit and demerit, which none of us ever saw.
— George Eliot —

Love is Compassion, Endurance, Equanimity, Impartiality, Magnetic, Patient and Just (and Where Justice Is Not, Hate-Traders Profit)

— Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

The U.N.'s impartiality allows it to negotiate and operate in some of the toughest places in the world. And time and again, studies have shown that U.N. peacekeeping is far more effective and done with far less money than what any government can do on its own.

— Ban Ki-moon

I wore one of my Tanguy earrings and one made by Calder in order to show my impartiality between Surrealist and Abstract Art.

— Peggy Guggenheim

A pleasant comedy, which paints the manners of the age, and exposes a faithful picture of nature, is a durable work, and is transmitted to the latest posterity. But a system, whether physical or metaphysical, commonly owes its success to its novelty; and is no sooner canvassed with impartiality than its weakness is discovered.

— David Hume

None may wholly escape the good of Nature, however imperfectly exposed to her blessings. The minister will not preach a perfectly flat and sedimentary sermon after climbing a snowy peak; and the fair play and tremendous impartiality of Nature, so tellingly displayed, will surely affect the after pleadings of the lawyer. Fresh air at least will get into everybody, and the cares of mere business will be quenched like the fires of a sinking ship.

— John Muir

Many journalists become very defensive when you suggest to them that they are anything but impartial and objective. The problem with those words "impartiality" and "objectivity" is that they have lost their dictionary meaning. They've been taken over. "Impartiality" and "objectivity" now mean the establishment point of view.

— John Pilger

Five things are requisite to a good officer - ability, clean hands, despatch, patience, and impartiality.

— William Penn

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