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Quotes About Image Of God

The author squares mans depravity with still being made in the image of God with this word picture. A vase that has held beautiful roses though now broken, will nevertheless hold something of the fragrance it once contained.
— A.W. Tozer —

All speculative theology, which rests on philosophical reasoning rather than biblical revelation, is at fault here. Paul tells us where this sort of theology ends: "The world by wisdom knew not God" (1 Cor 1:21 KJV). To follow the imagination of one's heart in the realm of theology is the way to remain ignorant of God, and to become an idol-worshipper, the idol in this case being a false mental image of God, made by one's own speculation and imagination.

— J.I. Packer

In Christ the original image of God is restored, by faith in this world and by sight in the world to come.

— Walter Lang

The geologist, in those tables of stone which form his records, finds no examples of dynasties once passed away again returning. There has no repetition of the dynasty of the fish, of the reptile, of the mammal. The dynasty of the future is to have glorified man for its inhabitant; but it is to be the dynasty-"the kingdom"-not of glorified man made in the image of God, but of God himself in the form man.

— Hugh Miller

Art is a reflection of God's creativity, an evidence that we are made in the image of God.

— Francis Schaeffer

They say that kings are made in the image of God. If that is what he looks like, I feel sorry for God.

— Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

All men bear the image of God. They have value not because they are redeemed, but because they are God's creation in God's image.

— Francis Schaeffer

Christ is the most perfect image of God, into which we are so renewed as to bear the image of God, in knowledge, purity, righteousness, and true holiness.

— John Calvin

One of the ways we reflect God's love and bring him glory is to accept each other just as he accepts us. This means we accept others' quirks and look past their faults in order to see a person created in the image of God.

— Rick Warren

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