Quotes About I Want To Be Single

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Quotes About I Want To Be Single

When Im married I want to be single, and when Im single I want to be married.
— Cary Grant —

First love is unrequited ultimately because it's so huge.It's such an act of giving and it requires so much back that it can never be given back. It's like an atom bomb. It's like ... It's all the energy of who you are and who you want to be and what you love and what you hope to be explodes. It is impossible for a single ... human being to offer that back to you in a mutual way.

— Stephen Fry

What we learn from the story of Adam and Eve is simple. What we can have is never what we want. And when we can have what we wanted we want something else. It's human nature in a single luminous story. Our sin. Our fall. Our problem.

— R. Joseph Hoffmann

Nobody as a destiny. I mean, nobody has some kind of inescapable path for their life. This mug was made from clay, and that clay could have been anything at all until somebody made it into a mug. People aren't mugs, we are clay. Living, breathing, thinking, feeling clay, and we can shape ourselves into anything we want, and we keep shaping ourselves all our lives, getting better and better at whatever we want to be, and when we want to be something else we just smooth out the clay and start over. Your lack of 'purpose' is the single best thing about you, because it means you can be whatever you want.

— Dan Wells

Everything I want to say and everything I've wished to say begins to take shape, falling to the floor and scrambling upright. Paragraphs and paragraphs begin building walls around me, blocking and justifying as they find ways to fit together, linking and weaving and leaving no room for escape. And every single space between every unspoken word clambers up and into my open mouth, down my throat and into my chest, filling me with so much emptiness I think I might just float away.

— Tahereh Mafi

He's still shirtless; his golden skin covered with tattoos is so gorgeous that I really want to trace every single one with my tongue and fingers as he tells me the history behind each of them.

— Aurora Rose Reynolds

I think I'll be single my whole life. It's entirely possible I'm going to end up alone. Because I don't want to make any sacrifices for my own development and achieving what I want to achieve, and I don't want a family to get in the way of that.

— Olga Kurylenko

I could never be a member of a single party. I want the best of all worlds, thank you.

— John Lydon

When I'm married I want to be single, and when I'm single I want to be married.

— Cary Grant

You can't really just think, "Oh, I want to make something that is going to appeal to every single person in the world." You have to just try to make a movie that comes from your heart.

— Catherine Hardwicke

There's no easy way around it, no matter how talented you are ... your talent is going to fail you if you're not skilled. If you don't study, if you don't work really hard and dedicate yourself to being better every single day, you 'll never be able to communicate with people your artistry the way that you want!

— Will Smith

If at any time all labour should cease, and all existing provisions be equally divided among the people, at the end of a single year there could scarcely be one human being left alive
all would have perished by want of subsistence.

— Abraham Lincoln

When I'm single, I don't focus. I focus on a guy if he's a boyfriend, but I don't focus on finding a boyfriend. They're never around when you want them.

— Scarlett Johansson

What I know for sure is that all the sacrifice and challenges we face are worth it if we're creating a better future for our kids. I just think if the adults are always thinking about the world we want to leave for our kids, we're going to make the right choices every single time.

— Michelle Obama

Like my freedom. If I feel like I'm being controlled, I get crazy. Because I know I made it this far by following my intuition. I think people like who I am, and I like who I am, and I want to be a better version of myself every single day. So stop controlling me!

— Katy Perry

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