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Quotes About I Still Care About You

I still care about you." "But you wish you didnt." "I really fucking wish I didnt,
— L.D. Davis —

The obsession with past trauma refracts World Lit's sense of belatedness, even when the genre advertises its contemporaneity. You can argue that we're still haunted by Hiroshima or the Holocaust, that people refuse to speak about this haunting - kind of the way they refuse to care about the novel. Past horrors, unlike contemporary ones, also tend to be events liberal readers agree about. But they displace the contemporary world, locating politics always elsewhere, in some distant geography and irrecoverable past. Present day confusions and controversies are neglected or sentimentalized.

— The Editors N+1

You happened to me,You scare me to death, you know. When you stormed into my life, you turned everything inside out. You upset all the things I believed about myself and made me think in new ways. I know who I used to be, but I'm finally ready to figure out who I am. Cynicism gets tiring, Isabel, and you've ... rested me.And don't you dare tell me you've stopped loving me back, because you're still a better person than I am, and I'm counting on you to take more care with my heart than I took with yours.

— Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I shook my head at Janco. "I've got the situation under control. Go back to the Keep, I'll meet you there."
Janco stared at me in astonished silence. Ari, though, trusted me. "Come on, she doesn't need our help." Ari sheathed his sword. Janco recovered. He flashed me one of his mischievous grins. "I'll bet you a copper that she'll be free in five minutes," he said to Ari.
Ari grunted in amusement. "A silver on ten minutes," he countered.
"I'll bet you both a gold coin that she kills him," Valek said
from behind them. They moved aside and he entered, still dressed in his Adviser Ilom disguise. "The only way to take care of your problem. Right, love?

— Maria V. Snyder

You made me happy. And I still care about you. Okay? You mean something to me-something I can't really even put into words because everything seems too lame in comparison. I've always wanted you, even when I hated you. I want you even though you drive me freaking insane.

— Jennifer L. Armentrout

She would have asked Noah to confirm this, but he was notoriously disinterested in the details of his afterlife. (Once, Gansey had tersely asked, "Don't you care how it is that you're still here?" and Noah had answered with remarkable acumen, "Do you care how your kidneys work?")

— Maggie Stiefvater

I don't care if it's rap, metal, whatever. You still should play Beatles records mixed with Limp Bizkit mixed with Foghat mixed with Creedence Clearwater Revival, stuff like that.

— Afrika Bambaataa

Betrayal is an ironic thing. He or she betrays you then you betray yourself. You think you're showing strength with your anger, but in reality you're showing how much you still care.

— Shannon L. Alder

I used to be on the kitchen floor, crying, wasted and thinking of lyrics. That was the only way I could create - as a tortured artist. I've learned that you can be stable and taking care of yourself and still create beautiful work.

— Mary Lambert

I still care about you." "But you wish you didn't." "I really fucking wish I didn't,

— L.D. Davis

War reporting is still essentially the same - someone has to go there and see what is happening. You can't get that information without going to places where people are being shot at, and others are shooting at you. The real difficulty is having enough faith in humanity to believe that enough people, be they government, military or the man on the street, will care when your file reaches the printed page, the website or the TV screen.

— Marie Colvin

Loving if the answering breast Seem not to be thus possessed, Still in hoping have a care; If it do, beware, beware! But if in yourself you find it, Above all things mind it, mind it!

— Arthur Hugh Clough

Still I dinna expect anything to happen to me. But if it should ... If it does, then I want there to be a place for you; I want someone for you to go to if I am ... not there to care for you. If it canna be me, then I would have it be a man who loves you.

— Diana Gabaldon

Age is how you feel. If you take care of yourself, you'll be able to do the same things. You may not do it as often. But you can still do it.

— Barry Bonds

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