Quotes About I Love You Babe

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Quotes About I Love You Babe

I love you, babe. And, satisfied, he rolled off, threw an arm back over his head, and was asleep within minutes. When
— Jojo Moyes —

What to go out with me tonight after work, Vaughan?"
... "You asking me out on a date, Lydia?"
"Yes," I said. "I am."
"Babe, I'd love to." His hand rose to the back of my neck, stroking, drawing me closer. Hot damn, did he have the moves. The man turned my mind to mush.
"Something you need to know," he said. "Before tonight."
"What's that?"
"I put out on the first date," he told me with a perfectly straight face. "That okay with you?"
"Oh, I'm counting on it" ... "I mean ... it would have been so awkward if you expected me to respect you for your mind or something. Yikes, how embarrassing. Between you and me, I'm really only interested in getting into your pants."
The corner of his mouth twitched.
"I'm sure you're a nice guy and all, but, priorities, you know?"
"I know." The man's smile would have made a nun think twice. I never stood a chance.

— Kylie Scott

Babe?" Hop called.
"As of now, I'm not talking to you," I announced with a mouth full of donut.
"Love you more than life.

— Kristen Ashley

Food is love," I replied.
"No, babe, it ain't. But makin' it for the ones you love so they can brag about it is," Take returned.

— Kristen Ashley

I love you, Mia. Every part of you. The best and worst. The broken and perfect. The bad, the good. You're it for me, babe. I see only you.

— Samantha Towle

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