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Quotes About I Like Someone

I like someone who embraces life; who wants to be on a long journey but has no particular plan or destination in mind. An adventurous man, open to the concept of living life in the moment.
— Jill Hennessy —

I like someone who laughs, but not all the time, and not too loud. I like it when someone laughs at the world, and not at someone in particular - when some particularly absurd thing happens, not just someone falling down.

— Erin McKean

You can look forward with love or backward with hate, and people have to make that choice for themselves. But holding on to bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die, and she by God wasn't going to waste her time like that.

— Abigail Strom

Why would i date him i like someone else" ... "I'm the only someone else you know

— Cindy C. Bennett

I don't put up with the shit you've handed me the last week because you're some fuckin' piece I want to conquer. I put up with it because I've liked you since you were eight years old. You made me laugh. You understood me. You looked out for me when no one else fuckin' bothered and you acted like you thought I could move mountains and I needed someone who thought that about me because my Dad sure as fuck didn't.

— Kristen Ashley

All this hoping for something- or someone- that's maybe hopeless. I'm having a hard time processing what I am supposed to believe, or if I'm even supposed to. There is too much information, and I don't like a lot of it.

— David Levithan

I like someone who doesn't take life too seriously. I hate people who are a bit uptight.

— Louis Tomlinson

When I like someone a lot, I get scared that I'll let them down. My fear of sucking is worst when I feel like someone thinks I'm good.

— Casey Affleck

' Bout time you married someone and stopped tempting every man from here to the Blue Sea," Padera said, slurring the words through toothless gums. "You know, wars have started over women like you."
Moya scoffed. "You're so full of crap, old woman."
"Brin?" Padera called.
Brin tore her eyes away from the doorway. "Augusta of Melen, daughter of Chieftain Eisol, started the Battle of the Red River when she refused to marry Theo of Warric. When Theo's father was killed in the fight, Theo vowed vengeance and summoned all of Clan Warric to his banner. This resulted in what became known as the Ten Year War, which claimed the lives of a thousand men and instigated a famine that lasted two years.

— Michael J. Sullivan

I'm not very good at dating. I'm very decisive. If I like someone, then they're my boyfriend. It's pretty straightforward.

— Vinessa Shaw

I like someone who embraces life; who wants to be on a long journey but has no particular plan or destination in mind. An adventurous man, open to the concept of living life in the moment.

— Jill Hennessy

We never love anyone. We love only our idea of what someone is like. We love an idea of our own; in short, it is ourselves that we love.

— Fernando Pessoa

His brow was sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought and his air that of a man who, if he had said 'Hullo, girls', would have said it like someone in a Russian drama announcing that Grandpapa had hanged himself in the barn.

— P.G. Wodehouse

No matter how much I respect someone or how much I like someone, it doesn't exceed my will to win.

— Daniel Cormier

Do you know that feeling you have right now? The bewilderment, the fear, the fascination?
I nod.
That's what I feel every day. Because I've never loved someone like I love you.

— Tarryn Fisher

I like tall girls because I like someone to look up to.

— Davy Jones

I have to get the whole sense of the guy for me to be turned on by him, for me to actually like him. I like someone that has motivation and is really dedicated to something.

— Natalie Martinez

What do I care if someone doesn't like me. If I like someone other people hate, it makes me feel special. I think my fans feel that way.

— Anthony Jeselnik

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