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Quotes About I Have Nothing

I have nothing to lose. I am going to dare it. I will aim for the sun.
— Elizabeth Wein —

"Because I said so," and I never once said you were freed from your vow to obey me. So obey me."
"Can you please order me to punch your face? I'll obey that order."
"Later, perhaps. I have nothing but respect for your sadistic side.

— Tiffany Reisz

I have nothing like a writing routine. I sometimes have trouble buckling down to write at home.

— Rebecca Stead

I don't tweet - I have nothing to say.

— Gina Torres

It's a place I'll always remember, and I have nothing bad to say about New England. I love that place.

— Logan Mankins

I have nothing revolutionary or even novel to offer.

— Samuel E. Morison

I have nothing but love in my heart and everything I say is just an instrument for laughs.

— Jackie Mason

I have nothing to do with racism in America; it was here when I got here.

— Paul Mooney

Work is like a drug. I'm jonesing for more. It's gotten more addictive than I had realized. I get anxious when I have nothing to do now.

— John Benjamin Hickey

Too many things on my mind, said Wilbur.
Well, said the goose, that's not my trouble. I have nothing at all on my mind, but I've too many things under my behind.

— E.B. White

I have nothing but respect for people who travel the world to make art and put exotic Indians in front of linen backdrops, but it's always been my philosophy to try to make art out of the everyday and ordinary.

— Sally Mann

I have nothing against the smell of rot but something against what hides the smell of rot in the United States of America.

— Giannina Braschi

I have nothing against Bosniaks/Islam, but it is the desire to direct political processes that is completely unacceptable.

— Milorad Dodik

I have nothing to prove, because I am already approved.

— Steven Furtick

The path to a better future goes directly through our public schools. I have nothing against private schools, parochial schools and home schooling, and I think that parents with the means and inclination should choose whatever they believe is best for their children. But those choices cannot compete, and cannot come at the expense of what has been
and what must always be
the great equalizer in our society, a free and equal public education.

— Howard Dean

I realize I have made a lot of mistakes and done things wrong. I've done things I wish I could have done in another way. I didn't come in with the same kind of desperation that I may have had on the first or second record. I didn't come in thinking, 'Oh God, please. I hope this does well because I have nothing else and I worked so hard at this.'

— Michael Buble

Everybody has a choice. I am not here to shove my light down everybody's throat. For those who don't want it, I have nothing to defend.

— Lauryn Hill

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